Reporting Live from Siam

“Sawatdee kraup. Sabai dee mai.”

That is how the Thais say “hello” and “how are you”.

I am learning a bit of the Thai language because I am now in Thailand and I will be in this country for a very long time. Yup. You read that right. I will be here in Thailand for a very, very long time. It is my first time to be outside of the Philippines for more than a month. So you can expect that my blog posts in the coming months will feature the sights and scenes in this country.

I left Manila just this week and I rode a Philippine Airlines flight. My experience with my flight is actually good. I experienced no hassle or any problem. I even liked the meal provided during the flight.
Food of Philippine Airlines

The meal included a cup of rice, a serving of beef dish, a piece of bread, a glass of orange juice and an appetizer. A small cup Magnolia ice cream for dessert was not included in the photo.

I reached Suvarnabhumi Airport after 3 hours of flight.
Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport looks good. I guess it is bigger than NAIA Terminal 3 and definitely looks better than NAIA Terminal 1.

I can say that Thailand is very similar with the Philippines, based on what I saw during the few days of my stay here. This country have the same tropical climate like the Philippines. The houses and buildings that I saw is not that different with our structures in the Philippines. Even the Thais look like Filipinos at first glance.

The main difference between Thailand and the Philippines is the dominant religion. The Philippines is filled with Roman Catholic churches while Thailand is filled with Buddhist temples. We have many stores that sell images of Christian saints while the Thais have a lot stores that sell san phra phum or spirit house, which serves as a shrine for “protective spirit” of the place.

Here is what I want to do during the whole duration of my stay here in Thailand:

1. Visit a lot of temples, especially the one in Ayutthaya.
2. Ride on top of an elephant.
3. Walk around downtown Bangkok.
4. Tour some Catholic churches.
5. Have dinner with the royal family.

Well, the last item in the list is just a wishful thinking. He he he.

So these are my initial report live from Siam. I hope that I can accomplish some of the activities I placed on my list.

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  1. I think Malaysia Airlines serve better food than that - you must seen in some of my blogposts.

    Thai food is so very nice. You must eat as much as you can while you are there...

  2. Suitapui

    I agree with you. Food at Malaysia Airlines is better than Philippine Airlines but ticket is more expensive in Malaysia Air than PAL. That's why I don't mind the food as long as I get cheap flight.

    Thai food is indeed delicious. :-) My problem is that Thai food is very spicy for my taste.

  3. Nandyan ka pala sa Thailand! Gaano ka ba katagal dyan? I love thai food kasi mahilig ako sa maanghang. Di mo pala kaya ang anghang ng thai food. hehe! Been there long time ago. Miss ko na street food nila! Uy mag post ka ng mga street food ha?

  4. Wow, nice naman nyan parekoy! meron din silang parang mini venice jan yung village na puro tubig ang paligid then mga boats lang means of transportation :)

  5. Anney

    Mahilig ka pala sa maanghang. Talagang swak sa iyo ang Thai food. 6 months po ako dito.

    Thai street food? Yad ba yung mga insekto na binebenta sa kalsada ng Bangkok?


    Yup. Meron n'yan dito sa Thailand. Sana nga makita ko yun kapag pumunta ako ng bangkok. :-)

  6. Wow! You are in Bangkok now? Working there for a few months? How nice!!

  7. I love Bangkok! And I love the food there! I wanna go Bangkok again! : )

  8. I also love Suvarnabhumi Airport! : )

  9. Yes, lots of temples in Thailand! Must visit them all especially Wat Arun and Wat Pho : )

  10. Wonder when you will be working in Malaysia for a few months LOL!

  11. wow thats cool now i now a foreign word thanks for sharing anywasy thailand i guess is really a great place to visit

  12. Their airport looks really nice! =)

  13. Foong

    oh! you miss Bangkok? Go here again so we can meet. ^_^

    Thai food is indeed delicious but it is very spicy. Oh, well I think manage the spice.

    I will tell you if I get the chance to work at Malaysia.


    You are correct. thailand is a good place to visit.


    It is really nice.

  14. Hi again. Thailand? Wow! So exciting. I assume you are there for work? I haven't read the rest of your blog yet. Good luck and good rest. Goodnight from Rhode Island, USA.

  15. hi, can you give us some tips on an itinerary for visiting the royal palace and temples? we will be staying in sukhumvit area. thanks!

    1. Good day. I'm very sorry for the late reply.

      I don't know where in Sukhumvit you're staying. One tip I could give you is that you go to Grand Palace and the Wat Arun in just one day. Spend half day in Grand Palace and then spend 1 to two hours in Wat Arun. You can then go to Wat Pho (temple of the giant reclining buddha). These places are just near each other and can be reached by riding boats along the Chao Phraya River.

      If you decided to use the ferry boats along Chao Phraya, I suggest that you ride the boat with the orange flags because it has the cheapest fare (around 15 baht).


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