Christmas Shopping at Divisoria

The only thing that I can never forget in my first visit to Divisoria is the stench. Recto Avenue, within the Divisoria, is one of the smelliest areas that I ever visited in my whole life. I believe that the smell emanates from the decades-long accumulation of odor that was never removed because Recto Avenue never got the chance to be cleaned by street sweepers of Manila. But don’t let the stench of Divisoria turn you off because this is still the best place to go to for affordable Christmas items.

I recently visited Divisoria to look items that I can buy for my godchildren. Fortunately, it was not my first time to visit Divisoria so I know what to experience in that place. An American visitor of our office commented that Divisoria is worse than the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. He had a hard time navigating Divisoria because the streets are too crowded. He had no choice but to give up his comfort zone and walk side by side with buyers and vendors in Divisoria.
Crowded street of Divisoria
Vendors hogging the streets of Divisoria.

My first stop is Divisoria Mall, which is located at the corner of Commercio and Tabora Streets. The mall is just an oversized Raon or the common palengke. The corridors are too crowded and some of the vendors placed their merchandise outside their booths. It is in this mall where I discovered that Divisoria is the place where tons of the cheap toys from China are delivered. The toys will then be bought and brought by retailers to different markets all around the Philippines. Now I know where to go if I want to buy toys for my godchildren.
168 Mall, Divisoria, Manila

The next mall that I visited is the 168 Mall, which is the most popular mall in Divisoria. This mall is less crowded that Divisoria Mall. Near this mall are the 999 Mall and other malls that are named after lucky numbers. I went to 168 Mall to look for an affordable DVD player with TV.

Divisoria is one chaotic place. I always get lost whenever I visit the place. One time, I reached Andres Bonifacio’s monument in Tutuban while I was looking for a way out of Divisoria. This time, I reached Ongpin Street while I was looking for a way out of Divisoria. Well, getting lost is the reward for those people, like me, who doesn’t ask for directions.


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  1. woh thanks bigla kong naalala ang divisoria diyan madalas bumili si mama ng kanayang mga give aways pag pasko.

    merry christmas

  2. Christmas is not a good time to visit the Philippines - too crowded...all the Filipinos coming home from abroad. I was there in December many years ago - the airport was such a terrible mess. Perhaps it is much better now.

  3. I usually just go to Tabora st and 168 mall and no place else in Divisoria. Takot din kasi ako maligaw e. Hehehe! =)

  4. Basta ako nanggaling ng divisoria pag uwi ko e 2 supot na malaki ang dala ko dahil kadalasan kahit wala sa listahan ang bibilhin e nabibili ko. lol!

  5. Going Christmas shopping? Enjoy your shopping! : )

  6. waaaahhh... i miss going to divi. it's been ages since i last went there. na-miss ko rin pagbisita sa blog mo kuya ish! :))

    nabili mo ba ako ng gift ko for christmas and birthday ko? hahahaha

  7. Diamond

    Sikat na sikat talaga yang Divisoria kaya siguro diyan namimili nanay mo. Merry Christmas din. :-)


    The airport is still in a terrible mess. Foreigners rank our airport, specifically the international terminal, as the worst airport in Southeast Asia.

    Christmas Season is the time for family gathering that is why it is not surprising if the airports are too crowded by then. Many Filipinos from all over the world go back to the country to be with their loved ones.


    Yup. Masyadong masalimuot ang Divisoria. Sa dami ng nagsisiksikang mga tao talagang maliligaw ka. Ako nga kung saan-saan nakararating eh kapag nagagawi ng Divisoria.


    Ha ha. Compulsive buyer ka pala ha. ^_^


    Thank you very much. You too. Take care.


    Anong gift ka d'yan? :-P Punta ka na lang ng Divisoria at mamili ka ng gusto mo. He he.


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