Mommy's Pride at Congressional Avenue

My mother craves for sapin – sapin from Mommy's. So one time, when she requested that I bring home one sapin – sapin, I did not hesitate and I visited Mommy's located along Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.

Mommy's Pride is a food shop that makes the Dolor's Kakanin that includes the popular sapin – sapin. I already talked about Dolor's sapin – sapin in the two previous blog posts. Kakanin is the Tagalog word for desserts that are made from rice. Dolor's sapin – sapin is a special kind of kakanin because it is composed of different kinds kakanin arranged on a bilao (bamboo tray).
Dolor's Sapin-Sapin
Dolor's sapin-sapin.
Dolor's sapin -sapin is very popular that the demand for it is very high, especially during the Christmas Season. I called Mommy's Pride to reserve for one bilao of 17-inch diameter sapin – sapin. Reservation can be made the day before the sapin – sapin is to be picked up.
Dolor's Sapin-Sapin - Mommy's Pride Congressional Avenue

The guard asked me what I was doing outside of Mommy's Pride. The guard saw me taking the photo above. I just told him that I am taking the photo of the food shop as a remembrance. Is the guard or Mommy's Pride owners very nervous from being photographed?

If you are coming from EDSA, you can reach Mommy's by riding a jeepney that has placard that says “Quirino.” These jeepneys can be found at Mindanao Avenue corner North Avenue, across the Trinoma Mall. Just pay the minimum fare. Go down the Congressional Avenue, which is marked by a KFC restaurant. Mommy's is just few meters away from KFC.

Mommy's Pride Congressional branch is just small restaurant. They also sell other kakanin like puto and kutsinta. They also offer rice meals and pancit Malabon.

Dolor's sapin -sapin is the favorite kakanin in our home. It is possible that I will visit Mommy's again before Christmas Day or New Year's Day.


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  1. You had a post on this before. Hope to be able to taste it someday...

  2. Oh yes STP. This is the third time I talked about Dolor's sapin-sapin.

    Hope that you got the chance to taste this.

  3. Pag kakanin madalas dolor's ang binibili namin!

  4. Oh! I hope to taste sapin one day! The guard stopped you from taking photos? Haha! Last time I tried to take picture of the Stock Exchange building in Makati and the guard stopped me too : )

  5. ang galing ng kulay at mukhang masarap.miss ko na ang mga yan di bale malapit nang matikman ang mga ganyan

  6. Annnie

    Suki ka rin pala ng Dolor's ah. ^_^


    Ha ha! The guard stopped you? Well, it is not their fault. It is their job to be paranoid about security.

    Will introduce you to sapin-sapin my friend if you ever go back here in Manila.


    Wow naman. Mukhang malapit ka nang umuwi ng Pinas ah. ^_^


    Yey! Another Dolor's sapin-sapin fan.

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