Congratulations to All

Its graduation season once again, and may I indulge to congratulate those who are now moving on from one level of education to higher level of education and for some, from being student into a member of the sector of the unemployed.

I am congratulating in particular my dear brother and sister. My brother, will now be moving on from the world of UP studentry to the wonderful world of the Philippine media. Well, I hope that you continue your excellent job that you are doing in your college days. I do hope to read your name in print in one of the newspapers in the country or be a reporter in one of the media outfits in the Philippines.

For my sister, who will now be moving form being a high school student to a college student, I congratulate you. Just be stronger and focus more in your college days. And do not forget to enjoy while studying. We are here to support you.

May I also greet my friend, megumi, who had just graduated last Saturday. May you pass your exams and be a registered nurse. Make your Momma and Poppa proud.

Basta, congratulations to all of you graduates. To my friends here in the blogosphere who happen to be graduating this month or in the next month, CONGRATULATIONS! May GOD be with you in all your endeavors.

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  1. And congratulations to my brother for he will be officially a high school student next school year.
    Reminds me of my graduation moments. I cried. Haha

  2. :-)

    Congratulations to your brother, and of course to you my friend Tin. I am sure that you also served as a big help to your brother.


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