Ash Wednesday Prayer

Dear Lord,

I pray that this mark upon my forehead be branded upon my soul as a reminder that I am made to be your servant.

Let this cross always remind me of Your sacrifice up there on the cross to save us from death due to sin. Likewise, may this remind me of Your humility by suffering for our sake so that we will be humble in our life.

May this mark the new chapter of my better and wonderful relationship with You. Lord help me to conquer all temptations and heal my brokenness. Do not leave me and be my guide through this uncertain life.

O Lord please forgive my sins and bring me to your light. May I see Your face in the new heaven and the new earth.

I pray this in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Before I end this post, may I include this SMS message from my good friend Grace:

“God deals with us uniquely. He draws upon our experiences to teach us about Himself. God will forgive us our sin, but He may provide stark reminders of the ugliness of sin. Let us thank God that He loves us enough to remind us of the destructive consequences of sin in our lives.”

How touching and how humbling to be reminded of my sinfulness. God is good and works in many ways to save His loved ones. Thanks Grace, Thanks Lord. I pray that I continue to repent and clean my life so that it will be worthy enough to be an offering as a sweet smelling oblation to the Lord.

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  1. Hope all Catholics think the same way as you do.

  2. No madamoiselle, let's wish that all catgolics think better than the way I do.


  3. At online ka pala ngayon. Malapit na matapos break ko. Time to get back to work. Sarap ng may free internet. Hehehe.


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