Photowall: A First Look at the City of Bandung, Indonesia

The City of Bandung, the so-called Paris of Java, is my recent destination for this year’s out-of-the country adventure. The city is more Asian than Parisian. Here are the first shots that I took of this Indonesian city.

Bandung from the Air
The city crowded with roofs, chaotic city layout = Manila.

Bandung Airport
Bandung Airport.

Krupuk from Bandung, Indonesia
Krupuk which is very similar to our kropek.
Houses in Bandung
Houses of Bandung.

Holland Bakery in Bandung, Indonesia
Holland Bakery, one of the remaining artifacts of Bandung's Duth past.

Bandung is beautiful city in its own ways. I know that photos that I posted here do not give it justice. I do hope to take better photos in the remaining days of my stay here. 

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  1. Napakasosyal naman ni ISH! weeee. Ang weird nung kropek counter part natin, para akong kakainin. Totally, from the photos, the place is really so different. :)

    1. Haha...di naman dangerous yung kropek ng Indonesia.

  2. Krupuk looks interesting. :)
    Parang Manila din ano? Looking forward to more photos.

    1. Tama ka. Parang Manila nga din itong pinuntahan kong bayan sa Indonesia.

  3. Idol na talaga kita Ish... sana makapagtravek din ako out of the country someday.. o kaya sama mo na lang kami ni Stevevhan hehe
    Ang cute nung Krupuk.. parang fried noodles ..

    1. related itong byahe kaya nakaka-byahe ako. Kung ako lang gagastos malamang hindi ako makapag-out-of-the-country.

  4. The krupuk sure is very different from our keropok...

    1. Malaysian krupuk is very different indeed. It is more similar to Philippine krupuk.


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