InPhoto: Prevent Those Little Accidents

One of MyPhone handlebar ads at the LRT 1 trains says:

“Helps prevent those little accidents.”

The words with smaller font add:

“MyPhone S72 Duo Slider keeps track of your menstrual cycle so you don’t have to.”

My question now is, “What do they mean by ‘little accidents’?”

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  1. Spots, I think. You know, the embarrassing result when our menstrual period best friends do not serve us well. The best friends who are supposed to keep our pants free from red spots. :D

    Ok. Sanitary napkins!! There you go. Haha

  2. Oh yah! Your correct. That is indeed a "little accident."

    Maybe I am too presumptuous in my thinking.

    I am thinking that the "little accidents" is the untimely and unwanted pregnancy. Knowing the menstrual calendar is ideal for the so-called rhythm method.

  3. naku oo nga its a little accident that can lead to a disastrous outcome..
    yan ang dahjilan kung bakit madami ngayon ang bilang ng childhood preganancy


  4. Tama ka dyan blue.

    I said na ganoon yung naisip ko sa "little accidents" na ito dahil sa yung ibang handlebar ads nila ay have suggestive quotes like: "the best weapon to get her number." or something like that.

  5. haha.. "little accident"

    It can mean different things. Yes, maybe they mean "SPOTS" or "red alert" as they call it.

    Confusing statements! or Misleading Statements! - I personally think they shouldn't be used in Ads. BUT advertisers thinks it is an effective tool - "TO GET YOUR ATTENTION"

  6. Hey KC, why does the phrase "TO GET YOUR ATTENTION" was written in all caps?

    :-) Are you saying something here? :-P

    I am just disturbed by the advertisement.

    Appeal to sensuality is the fastest way to earn money...


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