Another Divisoria Adventure: My Search for Little Ahab’s Baptismal Souvenir

Divisoria, Philippines’ mecca of cheap things, is our most frequented place during our wedding preparations. This is where we got Lei’s wedding gown and my suits, and our wedding invitation cards. Divisoria was our “go to” place for all of our wedding needs.


Three particular areas: Tabora Street, Ylaya Street, and Yangco Market; are the wedding center of Divisoria. These places are also known for souvenir/gift items related to birthdays, baptism, and other milestones. So, for Little Ahab’s christening, I went to Divisoria again to search for the supplier for baptismal souvenirs.

Wedding Souvenirs in Divisoria
Lei checking out some souvenir items at Tabora.

There’s a lot of souvenir items to choose from like glass figurines, tumblers, plates, pillows – all of them customized. We chose the customized mug because it can be used aside from being a souvenir for Little Ahab’s christening. We didn’t want to give away things that will just collect dust and then thrown away.

Personalized Baptismal Souvenirs in Divisoria

There are plenty shops along Tabora and in Yangco Market so I asked around for the best deal. The first shop offered customized mugs for 60 pesos apiece, which I found too expensive. The second shop offered it for 25 pesos, which is too cheap and suspicious. I might get low quality mugs that will surely disappoint us.

The last shop offered 45 pesos per customized mug that went down to 40 pesos after a little haggling. 40 pesos is reasonable price so I decided to order customized mugs from them.

Personalized Mugs and tumblers in Divisoria

I was told that I have to order at least 20 customized mugs. For the design of the mug, they told me that they can do the layout (for a additional fee of 50 pesos) or that I make my own and then give it them. I chose the latter option since I want to save some pesos and, also, I can have full control in making the design.

The supplier promised to give the customized mugs the day after I placed my order.

Well the supplier made good on their promise. They delivered all of the 25 customized mugs that we ordered the next day after I placed my order. My Beloved Wife Lei was pleased with the quality of the print so that’s a plus point for that supplier.

I’m proud to say that we designed the mug ourselves. Thus, we saved 50 pesos.

Little Ahab’s supplier of his souvenir mugs is Ken @ Amie. Their shop is located beside the former Divisoria Mall and in front of George Enterprises along Tabora Street, Divisoria. Contact them at mobile phone numbers: 0921-7639970 and 0977-2126400.

Divisoria Souvenir Shop

Tips when Ordering Souvenirs in Divisoria:

1. Take time to ask around for the best deal. Prices of the customized mugs (or other souvenir) vary per shop. Thus, it’s better to canvass first before deciding where to order your souvenirs.

2. Don’t make price as your only deciding factor. You should also check on the quality of the prints and the speed of delivery. Sometimes cheap price = cheap quality.

3. Always ask for receipt when making a payment. This will serve as your proof when something is wrong with your souvenirs.

4. Finally, check the items that you ordered before you make a full payment. You have the leverage over the supplier/vendor as long as your money is still in your hands.

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    1. I intended to place a photo of that here but I was not able to. Sorry.

  2. Hi! Very helpful post. Thanks :)

  3. hi how much naman po ung mga cute souvenir na nsa acetate ?

  4. Hi. Do you have souvenir pillows?

  5. how much po yung tumbler?

  6. this is very helpful....thank u and pls continue sharing bout divi

  7. what is your contack number

    1. Hi. The contact number is in the blog post above. Please look for it there.

  8. hi nka acetate boxes po bah ung mga mugs individually???

  9. Hi. Can you give me their contacts? I'm actually looking for a wedding souvenirs right now. I'm planning to go to divi but I'm not sure where to go specifically in divi. Thankyou

    1. Here is their contact numbers: 0921-7639970 and 0977-2126400

  10. Thank you...napaka helpful pra sa s akin

  11. San po banda ung store sa divisoria i need po kc ng baptismal souviner

    1. Sa labas po ng Divisoria Mall. maraming gumagawa ng souvenir items sa area na yun.

    2. I'm not sure if they have a Facebook page. I suggest that you contact them through the celphone number that I posted above


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