Little Ahab’s Very First Stay in the Hospital

Failed Dextrose Insertion
The rainy season is suddenly upon us and it brought a company: the vicious cough and cold. The three of us (me, Lei, and Mother-in-Law) home suffered from these two illnesses. Sadly, our little boy was not spared. He got the cold from My Beloved Wife Lei.

Little Ahab’s pediatrician told us to give him Salbutamol, Allerkid and anti-biotic. We did this for a week and everything is going fine until one night when our son didn’t stop crying. The culprit is the phlegm that Little Ahab has difficulty of coughing out.

We are so worried with what’s happening to our son. We managed to calm him after an hour of his crying and coughing.

The pediatrician advised us to confine our son to a hospital for observation. She also said that we had to nebulize him to remove the phlegm.

We brought Little Ahab to a hospital in Cabuyao. We chose to stay in a private room so as to keep our boy away from other patients who may have contagious illness. This is despite the fact that this is a more expensive option. We just want to give the best to our son.

Our stay in the hospital was boring and fine. Boring because there’s not much to do in the hospital. Buti na lang at may Internet or else I’ll die of utter boredom. It was also fine because Little Ahab is a quite active during his hospital stay. He kept on jumping and playing even if he’s tied to a dextrose.

Our baby is very active to the point that his blood squirted to the tube connecting his arm to the dextrose. The nurses had no other choice but to replace the dextrose and reinject the tube.

Injecting the dextrose to a baby is quite difficult. The nurses couldn’t find Little Ahab’s vein. They injected the left arm, then the right arm, and then the left foot to no avail.

Our baby cried so much that Lei almost want to berate the nurses for their failure.
We told the nurses to stop injecting the dextrose since we didn’t want our son to suffer again.

Because of the dextrose incident, Little Ahab’s pedia told us that we could go home but we had to continue the medication. So, I bought our own nebulizer machine so we can continue Little Ahab’s nebulize session.

Little Ahab is OK now. The cough and phlegm are now gone. And we hope that that dextrose episode will not happen again.

Now I know how difficult it is to have a son who is ill. Our son only have mild pneumonia but that is enough to make me ask God to transfer my son’s suffering to me.

Now I know how my Mama and Papa felt when I was ill. Now I appreciate my parents more for their love and care that they give me, especially during the times when I was ill.

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  1. Yes, not easy to have a kid/kids...part and parcel of parenthood but at the end of the day, the joys will outweigh all the trials and tribulations. God bless you all, parents and baby - the strength of your love and God's unfailing love will see you through it all.

    1. Thank you very much STP. I agree that being a parent is hard but its all worth it.

  2. sorry to hear about this Ish but I'm happy that your little Ahab is now okay... God bless your family

  3. My heart breaks for babies who are sick especially hospitalized. And I would have berated the nurse too if I were there. Should have known better. I hope you all get better soon especially little Ahab.


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