A Peek at the New Pinoy Komiks for the Youth: Patron Comics

Patron Comics
Filipinos for Life president Anthony James Perez has always been busy with things related to the pro-life advocacy. Whether it is in giving talks, lobbying in congress or in the senate, or organizing seminars in schools and parishes, AJ and his cheery group of pro-lifers (of which I am a part of!) have been dedicating their time and talents for defense of life.

Recently, his latest project is something that caught my attention. He is now writing a series of comic books, and I took the time to ask him a few questions about his endeavor.

“It’s called Patron Comics, a series of comic books intended for the entertainment and catechism of the youth,” he said. He explains: “It’s 100% entertainment infused with 100% catechism. I was thinking of a way to reach the youth and get their attention in order to reinforce and supplement the Catholic education they receive from their schools.”

The story is set in a small rural city that is rocked by CPS, or comatose possession syndrome, a kind of demonic possession where the victim is comatose and cannot be exorcised the usual way.  Our protagonists are a group of teens, and they have to enter a spiritual dimension called the Portal, a dimension that reflects the sins of the possessed, in order to release the soul of the possessed  from CPS and the exorcism to take place. Meanwhile, they also live normal lives outside of their duties as holy warriors. Mentored by a priest who develops their talents and character in an effort to lead them along the path to holiness, the team tries to lead lives of virtue, but struggle with their personal and family issues. In a nutshell, they battle demons, while waging war against their own inner demons.
A hero in Patron Comics

It seemed that the characters are really ordinary people trying to become saints. AJ agrees. “I made them very conflicted; on the one hand, they are still in the process of confronting and resolving their own issues; on the other hand, there’s this mentor who teaches them that being a saint is the only way to go for them, and he develops them from an ordinary band of misfits into gentlemen and ladies of virtue.”

I could easily see how astonishing artwork was, and we have to compliment the creative team of Gilbert Monsanto (penciler), Raymond Ferrer  (inker), and Bryan Arfel Magnaye (Colorist), and Jayboy Acosta (editor, layout). “Yes, I got the best team to create the best comic books for our youth. They deserve nothing else but the best.”

He goes on with the challenges of a project of this scale. “My intention is to reach all high school students of all our Catholic schools. Since this is the first time I am doing this, and this being a personal endeavor I represent no bigwig nor maverick millionaire, it was quite hard at the beginning to convince people that I am serious with this.”

A preview of Patron Comics
“I was trying to take a look inside myself a few months ago and the inspiration came when I realized that I am a man who was received excellent education from the Salesians of Don Bosco, but those values and those teachings were reinforced by what I read, saw, and heard in the media, and fortunately during my time, we had good books and were shown good movies.  So I said to myself, what if I could do the same for the young ones today? To strengthen the Catholic education of our youth through entertainment? We never, never should underestimate the power of good media, and that’s why I am doing what I do now. “

I asked when and where the book will be available. “The book should be out by last week of October or first week of November, barring any snags. When it comes out, it will be offered to schools via subscription. I am still negotiating with popular bookstores for Patron to be available on their shelves. But I do accept pre-orders. Contact me at ajuperez@gmail.com or 0922-827-7772.”

There you go. I hope all parents, religion teachers, school admins, and principals take note. This is one book series that should be read by your students, especially for Catholic schools  The series will start with an introductory book called Patron: The Temptation of Strange, which will be launched late October or early November, and the next books will be available via monthly subscription starting next school year.

More preview of their comics may be viewed at the Patron Comics Facebook page.

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