Getting Under the Sun

100 kilometers of roads to walk for one month.

4:00 o'clock AM waking time and 11 o'clock PM sleeping time.

Less than 4 millimeters error difference for a survey line.

These are the numbers that I have to live by for the whole month because of a project that my office assigned me to. I am literally feeling the brunt of El Nino because I have to work under the sun and walk for many miles just to collect the data that our office needed.

I am not complaining, but I just wish that the clouds conspire to block the sun and give us a respite from its heat during the whole duration of the project.
The sweltering heat of the sun!

What only makes me sad is that I couldn't visit this blog and my friend's blogs every day and I do not have the time to check the updates of my Facebook.

Too bad for me that El Nino strike early. This project will make me end up as burnt as a charcoal. :-(

That is my update for now.

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  1. Looks like you're gonna need a sunblock. ;) Kaya mo yan!

  2. Thanks Mariel. :-)

    Yep, bumili na ako ng sunblock. Still I am getting nog nog.

  3. Ouch. Ano bang binili mo? Mahirap talaga pag matagal kang exposed sa sunlight. Tsktsk.

  4. Actually di naman yun sunblock. Lotion lang. Vaseline na may sunscreen daw. Brother ko nag suggest eh.

    Pero iniisip ko naman na walang sunblock ang kakayanin ang init ngayong panahon na ito.

    I am 2 shades darker now. :-(

  5. Naku, di naman effective yun. Ang kailangan mo yung may nagbblock ng UVA at UVB rays. Dapat bumili ka na ng totoong sunblock like Coppertone and Nivea. The higher the spf, the more protected you are. ;)

  6. Ah...sabi ko na eh.Hehe...sige I'll try those products. Grabe. Tutong na talaga ako.

    Sana bumalik ang dati kong kulay. Yung light brown color.

  7. same here! sobrang tindi din ng init dito sa cavite...

  8. Oo nga eh. Grabe as in. Yung mga dam natutuyo na. At kawawa yung mga farmers natin. Sana matapos na ang El Nino.


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