Thumbs Up for the TigerAir Philippines Crew

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Missing a flight with the possibility of being late to a meeting is a stressful situation. This is what happened during my latest trip to Cebu. I felt so tensed when I missed my flight and the next flight of my airline will be in the afternoon, which meant missing the whole meeting.

Good thing that TigerAir Philippines had a flight with arrival time in Cebu that will give me ample time to travel from the Mactan-Cebu Airport to the meeting venue in Cebu City. The problem was that only 7 minutes remained before the system stop flight booking.

I thought that I was in hopeless situation until a TigerAir Philippines check-in counter crew assured me that they can book my flight. The TigerAir crew move quickly. Almost all of the crew helped in the booking of my flight.

The TigerAir crew succeeded and I got my ticket just 1 minute before the boarding time.

I'm glad that the TigerAir crew went the extra mile to solve my problem.

I reached the meeting on time and my business trip to Cebu went well.

I forgot to take the names of the helpful TigerAir Philippines crew. I do hope to meet them again soon in my next flight.

Well, a very big thanks to them and may the Lord bless them.

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  1. Yes, credit must be given when it is in my blogpost today. Most people only know how to complain...complain...and complain and more often than not, the fault lies within themselves but they would be too blind to see that.

    1. You are correct. Many people likes to complain and complain and complain. The sad part is that many of these complainers don't appreciate the effort being done by other people.

  2. That's very nice. =)

    That's the thing I love about a lot of people. It's the everyday simple kindness that everyone is still capable of. =)

    1. I agree. In this world that's full of negativity, it is pleasing to know that people can still show kindness. And this kindness is not highlighted.


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