Lumphini Park in Bangkok

I was fascinated by the crows of Lumphini Park that I dedicated one blog post about them. I was talking too much about them that I noticed that I no more space to talk about the park where I found these big black birds.

Crows are not the only interesting things that visitors can see in Lumphini Park. The park is a haven not only for the black birds but also for the health buffs. Lumphini Park was the go to place of those who want to jog and to exercise.

How to Go to Lumphini Park

Map of Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is located at the heart of the business district of Bangkok so it can be accessed by buses and taxi cabs. The best way to reach the park is by riding the underground MRT train and hopping off at the nearest MRT station to the park, which is the MRT – Silom Station. The exit of the MRT – Silom Station is located near the big statue of King Rama VI at the park's main gate.

Few Things about Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is few of the wide open spaces in Bangkok. This place is precious for the residents of Bangkok because it is one of the rare spaces where they can enjoy nature. I bet that many Thais are thankful to King Rama VI, who donated the royal property to be converted to Lumphini Park.*

Statue of King Rama VI at the entrance to Lumphini Park
King Rama VI

My hunch is not incorrect because saw garlands and incense oferred to King Rama VI. There is even a kneeling cushion placed for those who want to honor their old king.

Monument for King Rama VI just outside of Lumphini Park

This is not the first time that I saw a statue of a Thai king to be laden with flowers and incense. I saw many Thais honor the old kings and even pray to them. I even saw similar practice done for the statues of local heroes and notable people. It makes me wonder if the Thais are worshipping their kings and heroes of old.

Lumphini Park was named after Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha in Nepal.*

The good thing about Lumphini Park is there is no entrance fee. Anyone, even foreigners, can enter this park without paying a single cent.

What to See and Do in Lumphini Park

An afternoon in Lumphini Park

As I had said, the park is a haven for health buffs. The place is very safe for joggers and many Thais and some expats go to this park to jog in the early morning or late afternoon. Lumphini Park has wide open spaces that are perfect for aerobics, tai chi and picnics. Lifts and other exercise equipments were set-up to be used by park visitors for free.

Swings in Lumphini Park

The park also has playgrounds for the kids.

Like Chatuchak Park, Lumphini Park has an artificial lake where one can “sail” using the pedal-boats for rent. Riding the two-seater boat is perfect for bonding for couples or father and child.

It seems like Thais like to have clock towers in public areas. I have seen one in Chatuchak Park, Chatuchak Weekend Market and even in Chiang Rai town of Northern Thailand. Lumphini Park also has a clock tower.

Clock tower in Lumphini Park

It is a pagoda-inspired clock tower. It actually looks good and I rank it as the best or second to the best clock tower I've seen in Thailand.

I enjoyed looking at it. I even toyed with my camera taking pictures of this clock tower.

Clock tower in Lumphini Park

The photo looks old, right?

Strolling around Lumphini Park, I saw Thai structures like this one:

Lumphini Park

Another weird thing that I saw is a big globe in the middle of greens.

A big globe in Lumphini Park

This is no ordinary globe. This is a sundial given as a gift to the current king's sixth cycle birthday. Can you guess what time did I took the photo of the sundial?

Lumphini Park sundial

These are the few things that I saw during my stroll in Lumphini Park. I know that the attractions are not enticing for tourists, especially those who have tight schedules. It is better that you go to grand tourist spots like the Wat Arun and Grand Palace instead of spending your time in Lumphini Park. But if you have some time, then I suggest that you drop by this place and relax a little before continuing your trip around Bangkok.

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  1. laki nung statue ni king rama IV ahh, and alaga ung grass field dyan,
    angas din ung sundial, di ako marunong bumasa ng sundial parekoy haha

  2. It looks well maintained a. Buti naman. I wouldn't mind Manila having few green spaces (although there should really be more talaga) provided that they could learn to seriously manage and maintain it. Nakakalungkot lang talaga to see the state of Manila nowadays. =(

    1. Kaya nga eh. Buti nga yung Luneta naalagaan kahit papaano.


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