Short Stop at Chulabhorn Dam

Chulabhorn Dam is a big dam located in the vicinity of Phukhieo Wildilife Park. Our group made short stop on the top of this dam before we actually went to the wildlife sanctuary. And yes, I admit, that I didn't not posted in chronological order. 

Impounded water behind Chulabhorn Dam

Chulabhorn Dam was named after the youngest daughter of the current Thai King. The purpose of this dam is to generate electricity and provide water for irrigation.

We did nothing much on this dam but to marvel at its size and take photos.

I noticed that the other side of the dam has little water. It seems like the dam greedily took all the water. This situation is not good for those people downstream who need continuous supply of water for their crops.

Downstream of Chulabhorn Dam
The other side of Chulabhorn Dam.

Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the “dry side” of the Chulabhorn Dam. Fortunately, the wildlife sanctuary has other source of water other than the river. If not then the animals in the forest will fight each other for water.

Road on Chulabhorn Dam

Chulabhorn Dam is quite big that it also serves as bridge for people and vehicles who want to cross the river.

Our groups photo taking was over so we hit the road again to finally go to our destination: Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary.


  1. Hindi mo nabanggit kung gaano kataas at kalapad yung Chulabhorn Dam hehe.

    Anyways, ganda ng mga photo shots mo as always parekoy :)

  2. never pa ko nakakita ng dam haha di kasi ako gala,
    hmm ganda nung second shot!

  3. Nice huge dam! I like your second photo : )

    1. Your the second one who liked the second photo. Thanks Foong.

  4. buti hindi sya maxadong populated no?.. ang ganda ng second pic mo ish....hindi pa din ako nakakakita ng dam ish... pero disagree ako sa sinabi ng kapatid ko na di sya "gala" hahaha...

    1. Ahaha Bluedreamer. For sure mas gala 'yung kapatid mo kesa sa iyo. :-P

      Hindi masyadong populated kasi malayo na ito sa Bangkok at sa ibang malalaking lungsod ng Thailand. Liblib na lugar talaga ito.

  5. I wonder if they rear fish in the lake. We do here...and we get them alive and flapping...really fresh and very very nice.


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