My First Stop Outside of the Philippines

Finally, I got the chance to get outside of the Philippines. Fortunately, I bagged a trip to the world's smallest continent. I flew to Australia by boarding a Malaysia Airlines flight that has a stop over at Kuala Lumpur. Thus, the first place outside of the Philippines that I set my feet on is none other than the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

I like what I saw inside this airport. The Kuala Lumpur Airport is spacious, clean and has a lot of amenities. They also offer free WiFi access but the service is too slow. Kuala Lumpur is way better than NAIA Terminal 1 or NAIA Terminal 3 and even Perth Airport in Australia. I like the way that the terminal was designed, it made me think that I am inside a very big tent.
Kuala Lumpur Airport

Another thing that I liked in Kuala Lumpur Airport is their Aerotrain.
Kuala Lumpur Airport aerotrain

It allowed me to travel from one terminal to another without additional fee. I wish that our airport in Manila has its own train. It will be a great convenience for tourists who are going to the domestic terminal from the international terminal.
Inside Kuala Lumpur Airport

Too bad that my stop over in Kuala Lumpur is just two hours. I did not got the chance to visit my Malaysian blogger friends. I hope that I travel to Malaysia for my next travel outside of the Philippines so that I can meet them all.


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  1. Glad you like KLIA. You must stop by for a visit... Come to Sibu in Sarawak. You'll love it here.

  2. Ganda ng airport nila ah! OO nga sana satin magakroon din ng aerotrain.

  3. So when are you coming to Malaysia? Recently, a Filipino friend I knew from Twitter came to Malaysia and I brought him around Melaka : )

  4. I like KLIA too! Yes I agree the wifi too slow! They should improve on that right? : )

  5. I like KLIA too! Yes I agree the wifi too slow! They should improve on that right? : )

  6. Suitapui

    Maybe I will visit you in the future. That is if got the money for traveling outside of the Philippines.


    Tama. Mukhang nag-invest sila sa kanilang infrastructure. Dapat ayusin natin ang airport natin kasi talagang mangungulelat tayo sa tourism kapag bulok pa din mga airports natin.


    This is just a late post. I am not sure when will I got the chance to visit Malaysia. I don't have the money to travel abroad and I don't prioritize it.

    Haha. Yes, the WiFi is indeed slow. Maybe there are too many people using it.

  7. Wow! Lucky you! Give more details about your trip! =)


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