Let's Go to Baguio (Part 9): Strolling Right in Wright Park

Our Leisurely Stroll in Wright Park of Baguio City

After buying ube jam and other yummy pasalubong in Good Shepherd Convent, La Familia Ahab journeyed on to another Baguio tourist spot. Which is another park. Which is connected to another American governor general. That tourist spot is the Wright Park.

Information about Wright Park of Baguio City

Wright Park was named after Luke Edward Wright, who was the governor general of the Philippines from 1904 to 1906.

The park is very accessible to tourists. We reached Wright Park from Good Shepherd Convent by riding a jeep. We disembarked just across this stairway:

Stairway to Wright Park of Baguio City

It was another very high climb! This reminded me of another stairway to Baguio Cathedral that we climbed the previous day. 

Up we go! My Beloved Wife, my firstborn son Samuel, and me climbed to the top. My youngest child Samantha had it easy because I carried her all way.

Going up to Wright Park of Baguio City

The view was underwhelming when we reached the top of the stairs. What we saw is a relatively empty space made of concrete. This is not a good reward after that long and exhausting climb.

The kids' reaction was different. They viewed the open space as a good place to run. As for me, I found a bench to rest.

Promenade of Wright Park of Baguio City

Wright Park is popular for the Riding Circle, where visitors can ride a horse for a fee. Too bad that we didn't know about that. We could've let our children experience riding a horse. 

I was almost disappointed with Wright Park until I saw the "Pool of Pines".

Pool of Pines in Wright Park of Baguio City

The rectangular shallow pool is lined up with pine trees on both sides. At the end is the white-colored The Mansion. The place is quite scenic.

We had very good photos at Wright Park. Me and my wife also had a good rest while sitting on the bench and enjoying the cool shade provided by the pine trees.

Pine trees in Wright Park of Baguio City

Our little ones, on the other hand, enjoyed running in the pine tree forest.

Little Ahab running under the pines in Wright Park of Baguio City


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  1. So ito pala yung mga nakikita kong posts, sa wright park pala! I love that they seem to be interactive now!

    1. Hindi na sya ganun ka interactive. Hehe. Pero enjoy naman sa place.


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