The Bear is Going Home

My Beloved girlfriend (who is now My Beloved Wife) asked me to bring a bear to Thailand. She said that that bear will be my companion during my 6-month stay abroad.

Well, that bear was a good companion indeed. I even gave it a place on my bed. Now that I’m going back to the Philippines, I decided to carry him instead of putting him in my luggage.

Bear Ahab in Suvarnabhumi Airport

I thought that I look weird in carrying the big Teddy Bear around the airport but I can always say that the bear is for My Beloved.

Teddy bear in Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

I don’t have enough money for another ticket so the bear has no choice but to sit on my lap.

Bear Ahab in Philippine Airlines

We are flying in a Philippine Airlines flight. It was good flight. The food was fine and we spent the flight time watching movies.

Food by Philippine Airlines

We even watched the sun as it sets over South China Sea West Philippine Sea.

Orange sky as viewed in Philippine Airlines flight

It was evening when we reached Manila. The Bear sighed because he knew that we're still a long way from Home.

The Bear Ahab in Philippine Airlines plane


And this ends my blog posts about my adventures in the Kingdom of Siam. It was pleasant stay in that country. I learned a lot and I saw a lot. I met a lot of people too and some of them became good friends.

I do hope to come back to Thailand in the future and write more blog posts about it.


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  1. That's one lovely bear, so cute! I wouldn't mind carrying it all the way.

  2. My boyfriend bought me a bear in Belgium and I had her on the seat next to me when I flew back to the Philippines. :) It is a nice company indeed. :D

    Looking forward to your post about Thailand :D I want to know about their food!

    Love from Myxilog

    1. I am actually done posting about my Thailand adventure. You can read it in my past posts.

      Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

  3. A Thai guy who comments many nonsense things on you blog is back again.

    Welcome and be our guest again any time. May be you should take your wife and, maybe at that time, your little kid(s) here.

    I would nat say good bye. Let us say till we meet again, OK?

    1. I really want to go back to your country. And yeah, I will bring the wife and the kids with me.

      Thank you for the visits and the comments, even though you stay anonymous. :-)


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