Happy Toothbrushing Time with Tiny Fangs

Little Samuel always run after me whenever I brush my teeth. I guess he's interested with what I'm doing and wanted to imitate me.

Samuel is already a year and a half old and he is in the period when he copies our actions. He always wanted to hold the broom and "sweep" the floor whenever Mommy cleans the house. He even copied some of my body expressions.

Unfortunately, our toothpaste is not suitable for babies. Our brushes are also hard and may damage Sam's delicate gums.

Good thing that I discovered this:

Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel
(Source: Tiny Buds)

This is Tiny Fangs, which is a toothpaste specifically made for little ones.

It has a strawberry-banana flavor and will not harm our baby boy even if swallow it.

The brush that we bought for is the softest and the littlest one that we could find in the grocery.

Samuel liked the taste of Little Fangs Tooth Gel. So, it was not hard for us to brush his teeth and clean his mouth.

Now that Samuel have his own toothpaste and toothbrush, Mommy Ahab no longer worries about cavities on our baby's teeth.

How about you? Did you tried brushing the teeth of your little ones? Share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Thanks for this honest review. I've never heard of this brand before honestly.


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