Heart of a Saint

Note: I'm still in Thailand but I will post something that is currently occurring in the Philippines. No! I don't have the power to bilocate to witness that event. The photos that I posted here was donated by a friend.

One of the things that amazes me are the incorruptibility of the bodies of some saints. I had read about the incorruptible tounge of St. Anthony of Padua, the incorruptible body of St. Bernadette Soubiros and other saints that was given the grace to have their body to be supernaturally preserved.

Seeing an incorruptible body (or part of a body) is a rare opportunity that's why I felt sad that I wasn't in the Philippines when the relic of St. Camillus de Lellis visited the country.

So, I just contented myself on seeing the photos shared to me by a friend.

Image of St. Camillus

St. Camillus is established the Order of Clerks Regular, Ministers to the Sick. This saint cared for the sick, especially those who are poor. He suffered abscesses to his feet during his priesthood but he never stopped visitng the sick, even if he had to crawl from his bed.

His great love for the sick is possibly the reason why his heart is incorruptible.

Filipinos venerating the relic of St. Camillus
Heart of St. Camillus.

The journey of the heart of St. Camillus around the world is part of the celebration for the 400th death anniversary of the St. The heart reached the Philippines last February 18 and was first displayed in Our Lady of La Paz Church in Makati.

Altar of Our Lady of La Paz Church
Altar of the Our Lady of La Paz Church.

The queue of the people who want to get near the relic is quite long.

Queue to the relic of St. Camillus

The line even extended outside the church!

Queue outside of Our Lady of La Paz Church for the relic of St. Camillus

Too bad that I'm not in the Philippines. It doesn't matter if I have to wait in line for a long time just to see the incorruptible heart of St. Camillus.

A knight of Columbus guarding the relic of St. Camillus

If you're in the Philippines and interested to see St. Camillus, then I suggest to visit the Camillians' Facebook page to see the schedule of the relic's journey.


Information about St. Camillus was obtained from the Catholic Encyclopedia. Second image on this post came from the Facebook page of the Camillans.

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  1. There will also be a healing mass at the Antipolo Cathedral on Sunday while St. Camillus' relic is there. I hope I can get close to it. Thanks for sharing these photos.

    1. Good for you, Rogie, that you have the chance to get close to the incorrupt heart of St. Camillus. Please include me in your prayers when you visit Antipolo Cathedral on that day.

      Don't thank me. Thank our friend who donated these photos. :-)

    2. Thanks then to our friend. :)

      sure, you'll be included in my prayers bro.

  2. sana makabisita din ako dito minsan Ish....

  3. i will do the same if I will be given a chance... I wouldn't mind the crowd kasi the fact that you came close to that relic is such an overwhelming experience ^_^

    1. Tama ka Milton. It is a rare experience to see a relic. Minsan talaga dadayuhin mo pa. Too bad I was not home when St. Camillus' heart visited our country.

  4. maulang morning sayo Ish...
    ngeks... sa Thailand ka nga pala... maulan ngaun dito samin ...

  5. ang daming tao. siguro kung malapit lang lugar ko gusto ko din makalapit sa incorruptible heart of St. Camillus

    1. I checked the schedule Phioxee and I saw that you can visit St. Camillus' relic when it reach Cebu and Iloilo. Hope you had the chance to go there.

  6. well saints were the holiest people ever lived and
    they were said the closest to god because of their noble doing back on their days,
    no wonder people want to get to hold on something that has connection on them

    well adoration of saints isn't bad through them we could talk to god
    but i remember our priest said on one of his homily

    it may not be bad to adore saints but never forget that everything happened and being
    granted by god, himself and only,
    through saints we could ask for assistance on bringing our message to god but it was only from god the answers will be

    1. I agree with you MeCoy.

      God is the originator of all good things. The saints can only ask them from God. Giving the worship to saint is not correct because it is only given to God alone.

      We honor the saint because God honored them first because of their heroic lives here on earth.


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