End of the Month Roundup - February 2013

Ah February! You are the shortest of months but also a turbulent one.

Yes, this is what I feel with February. She is very turbulent indeed but not for this blog but for my life in the offline world.

Today is the last day of February and this is the last day of pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. I am saddened by his departure but what can I do? All I can do now is to thank him and to pray for him.

Farewell poster for Pope Benedict XVI

My exile here in Thailand is about to end so I already did some shopping. I also visited the Grand Palace, which is the best tourist spot in Bangkok.

I also said my farewells to Bangkok Cathedral and my favorite Holy Rosary Church. Aside from that, I managed to buy my most valuable souvenir, an image of Our Lady of Thailand.

February is the month when I launched my newest blog, entitled Tome of a Layman. This blog is for my musings about my Faith and other issues affecting the Philippine society. Let us just say that I returned writing about socio-political topics, which I stopped years ago. If you want, you can read the reason why I started this new blog.

I was glad to discover that Wikipedia cited my post about the Pink Sisters in its entry about Tagaytay City. It seems like this online encyclopedia considers my blog a credible source of information. Thus, my Refresh Post about the Pink Sisters' convent is very timely. 

A Pink Sister praying in front of the Sacred Host

I persisted in cookery this month. I posted three dishes that I cooked. The first is the very easy carbonara-styled spaghetti. Another dish, which perfectly fits the Lenten Season, is the ampalaya with egg. The dish that generated much buzz is my Afritada de Ahab.

My failed attempt to cook afritada

Many commenters (Einz, Phioxee, MeCoy, Fiel-kun and Unni) were confused. Someone even gave me a grade of F. Well, I couldn't blame them. This dish does look weird.

I also talked about my visit to Bang Saen Beach, which is not the usual haunt of foreign tourists to Thailand.

I also posted about another visit to a Catholic church near BTS-Surasak Station. Too bad that it was closed during my visit but I was still glad because I reached the Papal Nuncio's office in Bangkok.

Interior of St. Luis Church

The best tourist spot that I posted about this month is the Victory Monument. I learned many things about Thailand while I was I writing my blog post about it.  It is definitely a good read.

Statues of soldiers on Victory Monument in Bangkok

Finally, I posted about the visit of Saint Camillus' incorruptible heart to the Philippines. I was awed with this saint who served the sick even to his death.

The heart of St. Camillus on display at Our Lady of La Paz Church, Makati

February was a busy month! I expect March to be busier and more bloody, because of the Conclave, the coming Holy Week and my imminent return to the Philippines.

End of the Month Roundup is the monthly segment of this blog that summarizes all the adventures that I featured for the month.

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  1. Ahoy parekoy, malapit ka na pa lang bumalik muli sa Pinas :))

    *phew* last day na ng Feb at ramdam ko na din ang scorching heat ng paparating na summer >_<

    Pope Benedict, we'll going to miss him. Nakakasad na kailangan na nyang mag step down sa tungkulin due to health reason. Pero I know naman ay isang huwaran at karapat dapat din yung susunod na uupo sa naiwan niyang pwesto sa Vatican.

    May special mention pa talaga ako dun sa Afritad de Ahab mo haha :D

    Summer is here!
    Ang inet!

  2. Have a safe and delightful trip home top the Philippines - east, west...home is best! There really is no place like home. Have a Blessed Lent, God bless always.

  3. well sabi nung priest namin dito noble naman ung
    porpuse ni popr benedict ee i mean he will be in a monastery
    ata to pray for the rest of his life

    hmm wow congrats sikat ka talaga!

    sorry parekoy nagkamali talaga ko ng akala
    pero sigurado naman ako masarap yan

    1. No need to say "sorry". I am very open for comeents and suggestions, even criticisms. :-)


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