Block and Hide

Blog posts ago, I mentioned about a friend of mine who cut off all means of communication between her and me. Guess what, I just discovered that she blocked me in Facebook. She "unfriend" me in Facebook and enabled its blocking mechanism against me. Thus, from my account, I am not able to see her Facebook page. She does not also appear in the friend's lists of my other friends who are her friend too. If I search her name in Facebook, the only result is a man with this profile picture.

So there goes my very first time to be blocked by a friend (or ex-friend) in Facebook. It is amazing that she will go to that effort just to evade payment of her debt. She could do that but the world is too small for her to hide forever.

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  1. She should be ashamed of herself. Tsktsk.

  2. Maybe she is ashamed Mariel that's why she did it.

    I have just discovered too that she already tricked many of her old friends by hiding from them after getting some debt.

    That is not a good way to make herself known to the world.

  3. hmm.. just have faith.. KARMA will be the one to make the move..

  4. @nahj

    You are right. I am so tired of thinking of the wasted friendship.

    Let her have the money and the repercussions that accompanies her act.

    Thanks for the visit.

  5. that's so sad... she's surely ashamed of herself.. tsk tskk...

  6. I think she is but she is not remorseful.

    Thanks for visiting Ms. Clair

  7. oh. ang lungkot malaman na may mga pagkakaibigang nagtatapos dahil sa money..

    what a shameful personality she has. tsk tsk

  8. Yeah Tappy, It is indeed sad. Pero at least nalaman ko agad true colors n'ya bago pa ako madale ng mas malaking halaga.

  9. wow.. so much for friendship diba..

  10. Too much for friendship nga. Grabe. Sayang talaga ang time and effort. Oh well, di naman kailangan pagluksaan eh. ^_^

    Thanks for visiting me nahj


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