Unlucky Friday

February 1, 2008

My taxi crashed to a bus inside a tunnel somewhere in Makati.

The hood bended and the driver came out to see the extent of the damage.

I just looked at the fare meter, gave the driver sixty pesos, came out through the driver’s side door, and hailed another taxi.

At that very moment, I felt nothing. NOTHING! No pity for the poor driver, no fear the moment the taxi hit the bus, no relief and “thank-goodness-I-am-alive” feeling after the collision. No emotion, just this nagging feeling that I’ll be late. LATE for a damn appointment.

Thinking of it now, the incident might be GOD’s answer to my ardent plea of death minutes before the incident. Or maybe not. After another scolding and emotional spanking from eGoman (read: the boss), anger coursed throughout my body. Like electricity flowing through my veins. Hours later, on my way to Manila International Airport, trapped inside a bus that is also trapped in an eternal traffic, with my head filled with wrath, depression, and the nagging feeling that I will be late; I pleaded and vented to the Almighty why do I have to suffer those miseries. Why don’t He just let me die, right there and then.

Minutes later, my taxi crashed to bus.

Now I feel pity to the poor driver. What had happened to him? What would his company do to him? Questions that I don’t have the answers. Thoughts that will never help the driver.

Now I rediscovered that He indeed listens in a way that I wished.

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  1. Hey bro.
    You did not tell me this, yo!
    It rhymed, don't you know?


    Hello, just trying to cheer you up.

    But is it annoying.

    By the way, this post is amazing, only a little polishing is needed. :)

    1. Well, I do hope my posts these days are polished enough.

  2. i can't ind a follow button .. new follower here ... i think its properly written :)

    1. Hello Kulapitot

      Thank you for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. :-)

      The follow button is on the left side at the homepage (http://theparadoxicleyline.blogspot.com/).

      Salamat po!

  3. Gosh!!!! Poor you...and poor taxi driver. Too bad for him, that's the risk he has to take on the road every day, and his responsibility to drive safely and carefully, same thing with bus drivers. People's lives are in their hands.

    Anger is not a good thing - every time, you're angry, pray. Pray for patience, strength and endurance and for guidance. I'm sure you would want to be around to welcome your baby into this world...and your baby would need you around to bring him or her up the best you can.

    1. Thank you very much for very good advice STP. :-) I hope I learned my lessons and apply them to my life.


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