Let's Go to Baguio (Part 2): Our AirBnB Experience in Wharton Condominium

Our AirBnB Experience in Wharton Condominium, Baguio City

As someone who traveled far and wide, I have been to different kinds of accommodations. I have slept in high-class hotels. I have slept in a surot-infested hotel. I have slept in a campus dorm. I have slept in resorts. I even slept in a shack by the sea. But it was my first time to sleep in a condominium unit rented out via AirBnB and I experienced it in Baguio.

We booked our accommodation in Baguio through AirBnB because we believe that it is cheaper than staying in a hotel. AirBnB is more convenient to because we did everything online, including payment.

Wharton Condominium, Baguio City
(Source: Traveloka)

My Beloved Wife Lei chose Wharton Condominium after a wide selection of Baguio accommodations in AirBnB. We were not disappointed because we got a very good room with two big beds…

Our bed in Wharton Condominium, Baguio City

...kitchen and sink with refrigerator…

Our room in Wharton Condominium, Baguio City

... and TV.

The bathroom is nice too because it has a hot and cold shower.

What I noticed about this condo unit is that it didn’t have an aircon. I guess it’s cold enough in Baguio so aircon is not needed.

Another thing that I like in this Baguio condo is that there is a mini grocery and a food court on the ground floor. These amenities saved us from a lot of trouble during our first night in Baguio. As I said in the previous post, we were exhausted when we reached Baguio City after a very long bus trip from Manila. It was already evening and we were hungry when we reached Wharton Condominium. We bought water, foodstuffs, and other things from the mini grocery, and we also bought cooked rice from the food court. It was a relief for us because we didn’t need to go out and we can just focus on resting our tired selves.

A View from our room in Wharton Condominium, Baguio City
A view from our room in Wharton Condominium.

I can say that Lei made a very good choice for our Baguio accommodation. The Wharton Condominium had everything that we need and we had very good sleep after our long days of touring the city.

I have only two complaints about Wharton Condominium. The first is that the road to condo is very steep. Thus, it was a difficult walk for me, Lei, and the kids. Another complaint is that this Baguio condo is located far away from the city center or even from the highway. Thus, it was difficult for us who only commute.

All in all, we had very good stay in Wharton Condominium and we might book it again when we revisit Baguio.

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