Wedding Prep: A Look at St. Peter's Church

As I had said in the previous post, I considered St. Peter's Parish Church located along Commonwealth Avenue (Quezon City) as our church for our wedding. Thus, I made a sort of "reconnaissance" to see if this church will fit our wedding requirements.

St. Peter's Parish Church along Commonwealth, Quezon City

I witnessed a wedding ceremony in this church. This allowed me to glimpse on how St. Peter's Parish Church is arranged for weddings.

St. Peter's Parish Church was officially named as Shrine of Leaders because it is dedicated to the popes, specifically to Apostle Peter the first Pope. Thus, its altar is a copy of the altar of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Altar of St. Peter's Parish Church

What I like with this altar is the image of the crucified Christ at the center. The twisted beanstalk-looking posts look good too. What’s disappointing, however, is that the tabernacle was placed at the side. Its rightful place is at the center because it is where the body of Christ is stored.

A farther view of St. Peter's Parish Church

The space in front of the altar is big enough and can hold numerous ninongs and ninangs. The painting of the blue sky and the white ceiling also adds beauty to wedding photos.

Dome of St. Peter's Parish Church

The dome also looks good. It is as if the Holy Spirit is really descending from the heavens.

Door of St. Peter's Parish Church

The door of St. Peter’s Church depicts a scene from the Bible where our Lord gave the keys of the kingdom of Heaven to Peter (Matthew 16:19).

St. Peter’s Church uses red carpet for weddings. Flowers are hanged at the side of the pews. I think that flower pillars may be placed but should be supplied by the florist, which means additional cost for the groom and bride.

Wedding arrangement for St. Peter's Parish Church
St. Peter's Parish Church decorated for a wedding.

The priest’s homily during the wedding ceremony that I witnessed is actually good. I’m not sure with the other priests though.

The nearest venue for wedding reception is King Bee restaurant, located just across St. Peter’s Church. Those who want a more classy reception venue may consider Blue Gardens, which is also near St. Peter’s Church. More info may be obtained from the Blue Gardens’ blog.


Hey reader! Did you witnessed a wedding at St. Peter’s Church? Or are you a couple who intend to get married in this church? If you have more information about St. Peter’s Church, I ask that you share it with us and help other couples in their search for a “perfect church” for their wedding. Please share your info by a leaving a comment below.

Thank you very much! 

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  1. all your churches. Ours here so modern, do not have the feel at all - something is missing.

    1. We have "modern" churches here in the Philippines but I don't visit them.

      I agree with you. Modern-style churches doesn't the aura of old-style churches. Modern churches seems like a conference hall rather than a place of worship.

  2. It's a beautiful church. I used to pass by that area before when we still lived in Cainta. That was ages! And it looked so bare pa that time.

    Now, it looks complete and really nice na. =)

    1. Yeah. This church looks good na nga. That''s why many couples have there weddings here.

  3. It looks beautiful and majestic!!


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