First Date at Mann Hann

There’s a lot of changes when one gets married. It is the period of settling down and raising a family. But these changes don’t mean that husband and wife should stop dating. That’s why we went to our very first date as married couple for our wedding monthsary.

We went to Mann Hann, located at the underground floor of SM Megamall.

Mann Hann interior

Mann Hann is a restaurant that offers Chinese delicacies. Their menu lists noodles, tea, Chinese style rice, and more. We selected fried squid (285 Pesos), Chami (285 Pesos), and garlic rice (160 Pesos). We ordered fresh fruit shakes (95 pesos per glass) for our drinks.

Mannang is another restaurant located beside Mann Hann. We were informed that Mannang is the “sister restaurant” of Mann Hann. That’s why customers can order Mannang’s food at Mann Hann. Mannang offers Filipino dishes.

Our food came after waiting for about 15 minutes. The garlic rice reached our table first.

Garlic rice of Mann Hann

Than followed by the fried squid...

Fried squid of Mann Hann

...and then the chami noodles.

Chami noodles of Mann Hann

Our fresh fruit shake were pineapple and watermelon flavor.

Fruit shakes of Mann Hann

My Beloved Wife (MBW) was surprised when she saw the chami. What she wanted was a noodle dish that is dry. We thought that chami is dry.  What my wife actually wanted was bihon. But we enjoyed eating chami, nonetheless.

The star dish of the evening was the sauce of the bagoong isda (fish paste). MBW liked it so much that she wanted to ask for more and then bring it home. The sauce is the dip for the fried squid, which we agreed to be a very good combination.

The dishes that we ordered were good for 3 persons. The food was so plenty that my stomach almost burst, especially that I had to eat most of the garlic rice since MBW don’t eat much and I’m sure that that rice will go to my already bulging belly. We took home the leftover chami and that we reheated the next morning for breakfast.

We enjoyed our first date at Mann Hann. Their food tastes good and their people are courteous. And yes, a waiter took our photo. :-)

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  1. Yes, that's so sweet. Food looks good but that's not so important - what's important is that you get to spend time together and keep the love and romance alive. God bless, you two. Cheers!

    1. Seems like you're speaking from experience. Yeah. We should do things to keep the love alive. We have a whole lifetime to do these sweet things. :-)

  2. cool!! wanna try too!


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