Manila Cathedral's Pipe Organ

I have have visited Manila Cathedral a couple of times in the past but I did not venture inside of the majestic church. It is unfortunate for me that I did not saw the interesting things inside Manila Cathedral in my past visits. What I only saw in my past visits are the front of cathedral and the beautifully engraved church doors.
Manila Cathedral door
One of the doors of Manila Cathedral depicting the history of the church.
I only made a full tour of the interior of Manila Cathedral when I accompanied an American visitor of our office in his tour around Intramuros. Thanks to our foreign visitor, I got the chance to see the altar, retablos, stained glass windows and other works of art inside the cathedral. What made our visitor totally amazed, however, is the pipe organ that he saw when he happened to look up the cathedral's ceiling. He was amazed with large size of Manila Cathedral's pipe organ.
Manila Cathedral pipe organ
Manila Cathedral's pipe organ.
A much better photo of the pipe organ can be seen in Flickr site of Cealwyn.

The pipe organ was made by Pels and Sohn, a Flemish organ-building company, in 1958. It was in state of disrepair for 15 years. Restoration work was done on Manila Cathedral's pipe organ and it was relaunched in December 2006.

Manila Cathedral's pipe organ is considered the biggest pipe organ in Southeast Asia. It has 5,500 pipes, which are either flutes or trumpets, placed on seven major chests

I am glad that I saw Manila Cathedral's pipe organ. My only wish now is to hear it being played.

The next stop of our tour is the San Agustin Museum.

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Information about Manila Cathedral's pipe organ was obtained from CBCP News.

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  1. Tagal na nung huli akong nakapasok dyan. Di ko pa nakikita ang pipe organ na yan.

  2. Anney

    Baka wala pa po 'yung pipe organ nuong bumisita kayo. Baka under renovation 'yung pipe organ noong panahon na iyon.

  3. I had a great time visiting this Manila Cathedral - the first place I visited when I visited Intramuros : )

  4. Oooooo....I would love to visit this place and see the organ should I get the chance to go to Manila. I love old churches and cathedrals.

  5. Foong

    I am glad that you had great time when you visited Manila Cathedral. This church is one of the gems of the City of Manila.


    Me too. I love old churches and cathedrals. You can feel the greatness of the place by just imagining the great amount of history that the old churches witnessed.

  6. Hindi pa ko nakakapunta dito. Office at MOA pa lang ang alam kong puntahan sa Manila ngayon eh. hehe.

    Malapit pala to sa Intramuros. Ang ganda nga nung door at pipe organ nung simbahan. I wanna drop by this place soon =)

  7. I hope na nakabsita ka na sa Manila Cathedral Lovely.


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