Looking Forward with Social Spark

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It is frustrating for a blogger of two years like me to not see loads of income coming in from any of my blogs. For the past months, I employed banners ads, link ads, and other blog monetization schemes that I learned from the popular blogging gurus in the blogosphere. I absorbed and applied their various teachings with regards to SEO and the Social Media Optimization schemes. However, I still have to see real money being deposited to my bank account.

Where Advertisers and Bloggers Meet

Of all the blog money-making schemes that I applied for my blogs, SocialSpark is the most latest. I first encountered Social Spark on a banner ad in the Blog Patrol website. I almost applied for an account by that time but then I shrugged the opportunity off thinking that Social Spark is another of those schemes that does not reap real benefits. Thankfully, a good friend of mine convinced me to join Social Spark by attesting to its reliability and by showing me the benefits that he gained by being a member.

Signing up for Social Spark is easy and long time bloggers will have no difficulty in filling up the information required by the website. The hard part is waiting for Social Spark to send you an e-mail confirming that your blog is accepted as platform for their ads and sponsored blog posts.

So far, I believe that Social Spark will be the best deal that I will have for my whole life as blogger. Social Spark offers to give bloggers a respectable income for their blogs. However, this is not what Social Spark is all about. Social Spark is also about friendship and connection between bloggers. The website acts like a social networking websites for bloggers. As of the moment, I already have two contacts in Social Spark with wonderful blogs. Social Spark will surely increase my income due to blogging but it will also enrich my blogging life. Connections and friendship, and some money too, these are the things that I am looking forward with Social Spark.


Curious about Social Spark? Sign up for SocialSpark to know more about this wonderful website. Also, read about the site's Code of Ethics.

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  1. I have a social spark account, but I don't open it.. nyahahah.. I hope if I'll have the time, I'll have loads of offers. :)

    happy blogging/ earning!

    1. Talaga? Sige, balitaan mo ako kung ano na ang nagyari sa Social Spark mo. :-)

  2. I actually have a Social Spark account but I've yet to try using it to earn money. lol.. Good luck, Ish! :)

    1. Meron ka rin pala? Si bluedreamer kasi ang may pakana nito kaya napasali ako eh. Hehe.

      Thank you Mariel. Sana maging successful nga ako.

  3. cheers Ishmael... looking forward to that... happy blogging

  4. hope you can receive opps from SS soon. my last opp was last year since then no more opps. i wonder when my earning can reach 50 bucks in order to cash out.
    good luck sa SS!

    1. I do hope so. But first I have to receive a confirmation from SocialSpark.

      I am now thinking that they already rejected my application.

      I just have to cross my fingers. Thanks for visiting. :-)

      Exchange links?

  5. i got an account there too but i got tired of taking the opps. arent they too low plus you get less chance of getting approved posts? or its just me..

    1. Thanks for sharing your insight.

      Well, I do not know yet if SocialSpark will work for me. I am still yet to be approved into their program.

      I hope that it work for me. But there is also a possibility that I may experience your case.

      Let us just wait and see then. :-)


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