My First Award in Blogging

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Bluedreamer in giving my very first award in my two years (or so) as a blogger. I am glad that he found me worthy to receive such an honor.

The blog award that he gave me is the “Blogging for Friendship Award.”

This award made me contemplate on my reasons on blogging. Why do I blog? What are the reasons that compelled me to create Before the Eastern Sunset? Are my current motivations in blogging the same with the motivations I had when I began blogging?

I do not blog for friendship. I created this blog to find an outlet to all the loneliness that was locked up inside of me after my very first break up in my very first intimate relationship. During those days I posted works that chronicles my regrets and anxiety that grows everyday. That was a long time ago, now I blog because I love blogging. I like sharing my experiences to anyone who cares to read my posts. I like to help those who need information on the same things that I experienced, the places that I went, and the problems that I solved. I also love the conversation that ensues every time a blog post is made by me or my blogger friends. Blogging enables me to have a distraction on the monotony of my routine of home-work-home. It keeps my head sharp and makes the creative part of me alive by creating loads of articles each week.

I do not blog for friendship, but then again, my motivations for blogging only proves that, just like the way I am in the real world, I love having friends online. Blogging enabled me to do just that.

Bluedreamer is a wonderful blogger, visit his blog, Feed Your Mind.

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