An Outpour of Love for Cory

Last Wednesday’s funeral procession of the late Philippine President Corazon Aquino showed how much the Filipinos love this iconic woman. From 10 AM to about 8 PM in the morning, people from all walks of life joined the funeral procession and exhibited their support to Cory. Many of them wore yellow t-shirts and flashed the “Laban” sign, which was popularized during the first People Power.

Many scoffed, I included, that many people went their just to become “usiseros” and “usiseras” (oglers) since the event is occurs very rarely. However, the mere fact that many people braved the harsh weather waiting for the procession to pass by is evidence to the contrary. These people who suffered the changing moods of the sky, crushed by mass of people, and waited for very long hours really love the late President.

The procession became a version of the Feast of the Black Nazarene with people pushing one another just to get near the truck where Cory’s coffin was mounted. There are those who climbed up the vehicles and overpass just to have good vantage points. Street vendors and pickpockets took advantage of the event. The business of the street vendors is so good that many of the street vendors selling bottled water, fried nuts, and snacks along Espanya Boulevard opted to go to the procession. The PNP, on the other hand, caught many pickpockets during the whole duration of the procession. Camera and celphone cameras were all brandished by the people and the event became a photofest.

The procession also showed how “pasaway” the Filipinos are. Many of the kept on pushing and shoving other people just to get near the procession. The aftermath of the procession showed many properties trampled and upon and lots of trash that will be dealt with by the street sweepers.

President Cory Aquino proved to be the only person who could unite the Filipino people aside from Manny Pacquiao. Her battle against the Marcoses fostered unity in the waning days of Martial Law. Once again, she united the people in the midst of a threat for a new Martial Law.

P.S. What I liked the most during Cory’s funeral is the giving of military honors to the dead president. They are very snappy and I’ve never saw such an activity before. And I couldn’t imagine how Cory’s honor guard survived the long hours of standing on the funeral truck.

P.S. Read this again after 5 years and my reaction is -_-. I am so naive back then and I didn't know a lot of things. I don't believe in Cory anymore especially with the way she replaced the cronies of Marcos with her own cronies. She allowed the oligarchy to foster and the dirty politics to continue. What more disappointing is that People Power became the symbol of the Aquinos as if they're the ones who made it happen. No! It is the Filipino people who made the People Power successful. The political enemies of the Marcoses hijacked it for their own benefit.

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  1. When CIA Chief Panetta visited PGMA, he extended to her an invitation from Obama. Panetta also asked PGMA to bring the probable next Bayani Fernando was included in the delegation.
    Have you heard of "MAREA FROM HEAVEN" ? Google it. Itis unfolding slowly but surely.

    Cory is part of "MAREA FROM HEAVEN"

    1. I already read about MAREA FROM HEAVEN. A nice piece of theory. I am not discrediting it since I also believe that Divine Providence is working nonstop to save His beloved creations.

      However, I am quite cynical about it. There are so many theories similar to this one out there. But then again I am not discrediting this thing all together.

      It is possible that God is still putting a veil of mystery about it. All I can about the next 2010 elections is to meditate and ask God whose name I should write on my Ballot.

  2. she deserves to have a special day of celabration as a tribute for her deeds

    1. Yep bluedreamer. Some people are now working for that. Anyways, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilpinas are now moving to add Cory Aquino on our 500-Peso bill.

      Maybe this my time to hide at least one old peso bill before the new currency comes.


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