Jobless on Labor Day

Today is Labor Day all over the country, but for me, today is Laborless Day because I resigned from the company where I worked for the past six months (after realizing that I will not prosper in that company because even after staying for more than six months my salary is still pegged to 300 pesos per day plus the fact that I have no SSS, medical benefits, 13th month pay, holidays, leave and no pay for overtime).

From the ranks of the underemployed, I welcome myself to the world of the unemployed.

I know that finding another place to work is hard. I had to compete with hundreds of other job hunters that may have better qualifications and better connections than me. I know that this will be an uphill battle.

I will do my best ---- and hope that my laborless days will be over before June 1 comes.

(This post was written yesterday but unfortunately, it rained hard so I did not go to an internet cafe due to a high probability of an electrical blackout)

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