Yummy Eats at Meat Plus Cafe (Subic Bay)

“I can't leave Subic without eating at Meat Plus!” - declares a big sign above Meat Plus Cafe in Olongapo City.

Well, I came to Subic plenty of times and I was able to leave the place without going to Meat Plus. There is one time, however, when I did not leave Subic without eating at Meat Plus.

Meat Plus Cafe Subic

It was evening when we went to Meat Plus Cafe but the place is still abuzz with people. The line is somewhat long.

Long line at Meat Plus Cafe Subic

Good thing that there are interesting things inside this restaurant that kept me from being bored. Interesting things like this display:

American display in Meat Plus Cafe Subic

It’s all American. Well, I guess it is not surprising because this is an American restaurant.

Lucky number in Meat Plus Cafe Subic

The line is not the only one that was long that night in Meat Plus. The waiting time is also long.

Fries, burger, and pipino in Meat Plus Cafe Subic

I ordered a burger and some fries (with pipino on the side). It is expensive by my standards but it is much bigger and more yummy than Jollibee’s Yum Burger. I believe that I am not “lugi” in ordering this burger.

My drink in Meat Plus Cafe Subic

All in all, I had good dining experience in Meat Plus. Now can I leave Subic without eating at Meat Plus? The answer is “YES”.


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  1. Doesn't look like it's any place really special, just another ones of those but it sure is very popular, so many people.

    1. It is indeed popular and many of my co-workers like dining here.

  2. Nicer than Jolibee? Hmmmm... I love Jolibee's ads.


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