Nothing Special at Uncle Cheffy Nuvali Park

I mentioned in the previous post that we celebrated our Second Wedding Anniversary at Nuvali Park in the city of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It was a simple event. We just went on a stroll and took Little Ahab to his very first boat ride.

We also had a simple lunch date at Uncle Cheffy.

Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali Park

It was our first time in Uncle Cheffy so we didn’t know what to expect. What we did know was that they have rice and we entered their restaurant because we wanted to have a heavy lunch.

Staff of Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali Park

We ordered the Surf and Turf Platter, which is composed of chicken leg, lamb breast, beef and pork ribs, cream dory, and another fish meat – all of them roasted. The platter is accompanied with a bowl of rice at the price tag of 795 pesos.

Surf & Turf Platter in Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali Park

My Beloved Wife Lei got curious when she saw the Tessie Tomas Salad in the menu. Tessie Tomas is a local comedian who is touted as the “Original Queen of Daytime TV”.

The waiter told us that Tessie Tomas is a friend of the restaurant owner that’s why he lent her name to Uncle Cheffy.

Tessie Tomas Salad in Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali Park

Curiosity got the better of us so we ordered a bowl of Tessie Tomas Salad at the price tag of 250 pesos.

The serving is more than enough for me, Lei, and Little Ahab. In fact, we brought home some leftovers from the platter.

Sauces in Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali Park

Lei enjoyed Tessie’s salad. As for the platter, Lei wanted the sauce used for the roasted beef and pork ribs. As for me, I am OK with what we had from Uncle Cheffy since I’m not a picky eater unless it’s ampalaya or one of those very smelly fish dishes.

We had a good dining experience. The food is good – actually better than some of the casual dining restaurants that we’ve been. Lei’s only negative comment is that she didn’t taste anything special that will convince her to go back to Uncle Cheffy in the future.

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  1. The Surf and Turf Platter looks delicious.

  2. Lol, so this is a middle class resto? i am also curios kay tessie but yeah.. thanks for reviewing, i hope you can review more restos!

    1. It is a casual dining resto. Actually, I have so many restaurants to review but I have little time for blogging right now. :-(

  3. We ate at their Eastwood branch and so far, I enjoy the pizza, pasta and Tessie Tomas salad. :)

    Happy anniversary to you two.

    1. We didn't have the pizza and pasta. Maybe we'll try that when we come back.

  4. What a mouth-watering treat for us readers. I kind of think the title is an irony. The Tessie Tomas thing is a wow for us locals and the kind of food you featured is simply salivating.


    I used to hate ampalaya but upon learning the wonders it does, things changed. I now see ampalaya as tempting as an avocado.

    1. But ampalaya is still ampalaya so I'm still not a fan.

      But if My Beloved Wife cooked amplaya then I will eat it.

  5. it looks great Ish but the 795 pesos meal is too much for a "Budgetarian" like me haha.. but i think the servings are generous enough for a group of 3 or 4 right?
    You don't like ampalaya? masarap kaya lalo na if ginisa sa itlog ^_^

    1. It's for 2 to 3 persons so I guess the price is OK.

      Ampalaya with egg is the best ampalaya dish.


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