In 2012 the World will End in Boredom

I did not expect that our world will end in year 2012 as predicted by the Mayans, thousands of years ago. I also did not expect that our own world will die because of boredom. Death by boredom, this is what I think is the hidden message that the apocalyptic film 2012 is telling the filmgoers.

2012 is about the catastrophic death of the world in the year 2012 because of the sudden increase of activity of our sun that triggers the heating of the Earth’s inner layers, causing the instability of the Earth’s crust. What you will have is the sudden movements of the crustal plates accompanied by strong earthquakes and tsunamis. Your eyes fill feast on falling buildings, exploding volcanoes, big cracks on the earth, and large waves that eat up large coastal cities.
The graphics and special effects of the film are cool. It is nice to see building dropping like dominoes in the first part of the film, but as the film goes on you will be bored and the continued catastrophes will only make your eyes glazed. The focal characters do not also help much and their problems, as shown in the film, are puny in relation to the catastrophic events that are happening all around them. The beginning of the film is also turned me off because the scenes are too slow in directing to the focus of the film.

Another problem that I had is their premise of who can only be saved. Only the G8 countries (the 8 richest nations in the world) were informed of the catastrophe. Is the group of G8 countries equate to the whole nation of the world? Where is the United Nations? Are they saying that the poor nations do not deserve to know that the apocalypse is coming? Is the gene pool of human beings living outside the G8 countries not worthy enough to continue in the post – apocalyptic civilization?

The information black-out on the information about the apocalypse is overrated. Other nations, outside the G8, also have the capacity to collect information about an event as large as what occurred in the film.

2012 taught me one thing: never watch a movie showcasing large scale catastrophes ever again.

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  1. I hate sci-fi movies that deal with end of the world crap. I haven't watched this movie yet and I'm not planning to. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. :-)

    I am still waiting for a decent movie that portray an end of the world with an excellent piece of story telling. 2012 had none of that.

    Inantok lang ako basically. :-)

    Pero at least masaya naman ako sa kasama ko.

    You are welcome Mariel.

  3. My friends were asking why I was so quiet while the film was running. Not that I believe that it's going to happen, but watching the "possible way" of how the world will end is just too frightening.

    And I would have to agree. Choosing who to inform about the apocalypse was done unjustly. I couldn't help but think about how our country would face it if the world would really end that way.

    I thought the film was great. And if I have read first your comment "Inantok lang ako basically," I would have typed here "What were you thinking?" But you have given a nice point on your post that changed my view about the film. :)

  4. Haha...I like that you disagree on some points that I raised in my post here. Maybe I just reviewed this movie harshly.

    Yeah, the movie is quite unfair to the poor countries. But like what I said with my friend, we Filipinos will be save because we know how to deal with floods.

    Just look at the people of Navotas, Pateros, and Malabon.


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