God's Reminder

I had this terrifying vision nights ago, before I fell to sleep. I had seen God, in His glory on His throne, judging the living and the dead at the end of days. The unworthy was picked out from the faithful children of God and was cast away to hell.

The following vision is that I am one of the damned. I feel so hot. I begged for just a drop of water from those people from above but they can’t give me any. (This is very much like Jesus’ parable of the rich man and Lazarus wherein the rich man was damned to hell and Lazarus went to heaven. Lazarus can’t give the rich man a drop of water, even if he want to, because there is a great barrier between heaven and hell).

I began to shiver after realizing that it was just a dream. The vision, or rather God, let me feel the terror of being sent to eternal damnation. No one should go there. I do not want to go there.

Now I am thinking that it is wrong for anyone to wish that a person should go to hell, no matter how bad they are.

Now I appreciate more the merciful act of Jesus Christ on the Calvary. He died for us so that we will not be damned to that terrible place. He loves us so much and H really cares for us so much that He offered Himself as the payment to all our sins.

I am thinking that the Lord is reminding me to turn away from my sinful ways and follow His commandments. I also care for all of you, that is why I am sharing this to all of you.

I am about to launch a new blog named Ahab Reviews and Tips where I will dispense reviews and tips based on the experiences and information I gathered in my daily life.

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  1. Thank you! I sometimes lose control and forget about why I shouldn't do this and that. Good usually wins over the evil, but it's all up to us.

  2. Tin, as long as we believe in God with all our hearts and soul, we will prevail.


  3. thanks for reminding us my friend
    keep it up!!
    have a great day and sorry for not being around here lately...
    happy blogging

  4. I am just wondering, what is your religion? ...

    Yes indeed, Jesus Christ gave his blood as payment for all our sins. it means we can be saved and He also said that we have to enter His fold to be saved.

    mind if i added you on my "friend's list"? i love your blogss by the way, i'll continue to visit..

  5. Hi kcjacinto. :-)

    Thank you very much for visiting me. I am really gladdened of your visits.

    I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church with my religious inclination pointing to the conservative part of the spectrum.

    Oh yes, you can add me in your friend's list. That is an honor. I like adding friends to my network.

    I will add you too. Have a good night.


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