Experiencing Laguna (Part 2): Our Overnight Stay in La Vista Pansol Resort

Laguna is an unfortunate place for my kids who enjoy swimming. This landlocked province has no beach or access to the open sea. It only has access to Laguna de Bay, which is a terrible place to dip in. Fortunately, Laguna has another option and that is the hot springs of Calamba and Los Baños.

So last month, when the kids were clamoring for a swim, we brought them to Calamba and booked an overnight stay at La Vista Pansol.

It was not our first time swimming in the hot springs of Calamba since we already visited Laguna Hot Springs twice. What prompted me to choose La Vista Pansol this time is their swimming pool for kids.

Kiddie Pool of La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)
Kiddie Pool of La Vista Pansol Resort

The children’s swimming pool has a “fort” in the center that has plenty of slides. My kids truly enjoyed it.

Aside from the kiddie slides, La Vista Pansol also has slides for adults. These slides reminded me of Woodside Farm and Water Park in Cabuyao.

Adult slides of La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)
Giant slides! Ang paboritong slide ni Panganay.

It was Friday when we had our overnight so there were very few guests during our stay. Add to the fact that the swimming pools are big then we did not feel crowded during our whole stay. Our photos clearly show na walang tao. I was able to take photos as if there are no guest in this resort.

The kids truly enjoyed the kiddie slides and pool but my eldest son, who is a daredevil, preferred the adult slide. I tried it twice and I might not try it again in the future since it made me nervous.

Swimming pool of La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

My kids usually have irritations and itchy skin after dipping into a swimming pool because of the high chlorine content of the water. It was not so in La Vista Pansol since the water is sourced directly from the hot spring. I actually saw pipes pouring hot water directly into the swimming pool. We even used the warm water to massage our backs.

My parents’ favorite area is the hot spring pool. They spent a long time relaxing their body in the warm waters of natural spring.

An Impromptu Visit to a Zoo

The one amenity that other resorts in Pansol don’t have is the Laguna Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center that hosts a variety of birds and other animals. And the good thing about it is that we didn't pay any additional fee to enter it.

Laguna Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (Calamba, Laguna)

My kids’ favorite is this parrot that talked back to them.

Red parrot in La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

That parrot’s favorite word is “pangit” (ugly) and it shamelessly shouted it to us much to the laughter of our little ones. Nakakatuwa makitang tumawa ang mga bata and it is such a good time for us.

We also saw other birds, a giant tortoise, sheep, goats, snakes, and monkeys.

It was fun seeing the kids getting excited with the animals. The side trip to the Wildlife Rescue Center is definitely worth the time.

Some Negative Comments on La Vista Pansol Resort

I think that the current La Vista Pansol is but a shadow of its former glory. This resort is already run down due to lack of maintenance. The room that we had is “ok” but can be improved.

Welcome to La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)
The gate of La Vista Pansol Resort with broken signage.

There were plenty of things that were lacking such as the water kettle. I even had to go back and forth between the room and resort lobby just to get hot water for our morning coffee.

Rooms of La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)
Rooms in La Vista Pansol Resort

Another thing that was lacking was breakfast. They didn’t have complimentary breakfast nor did they sell any decent meal. What they only have are cup noodles and other sari-sari store items in their small store, which are pricier than normal.

La Vista Pansol’s store also has limited items for sale so we had to go out and walk a long distance to another store with touristy prices.

Family cottage of La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna)

The resort is also far away from the highway and we had to hire a tricycle to bring us there. This is so unlike Laguna Hot Springs that is just walking distance from the highway.

How Much is Our La Vista Pansol Experience

Our group is composed of 7 persons, namely, me, My Beloved Wife, our 3 kids, and my parents.

The resort charged us a total of 4,160. However, due to the senior citizen discount and the Valentines Month promo for married couples, we only paid 3,320 pesos for the overnight stay. Our payment already covered our room and the swimming pools, excluding the wave pool.

I think that the amount that we paid is reasonable since our kids enjoyed their swim without the crowd. We are lucky that we went to La Vista Pansol during the weekday.

Room, cottage, and other rates can be viewed in the official FB page of La Vista Pansol Resort.

La Vista Pansol Resort (Calamba, Laguna) amenities

Our Overall Experience in La Vista Pansol

Despite the negative comments that I had with La Vista Pansol Resort, I still give this place a very good rating since our kids enjoy the pool because of their many slides and various amenities. I hope that they improve the place so that we can have a better experience when we visit next time.

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