Experiencing Laguna (Part 3): A Healthy and Relaxing Dip in Laguna Hot Spring Resort (Pansol, Calamba)

One day, during one of her rare visits to our house, the Sister-in-Law said that we should go to a pool and swim. We accommodated her request, even though it was sudden and unplanned, by bringing her to Pansol, Calamba. We particularly brought her to Laguna Hot Spring Resort.

Laguna Hot Spring Resort in Pansol, Calamba

We chose Laguna Hot Spring Resort because they allowed guests to bring their own food. As a typical Filipino family, we brought our own rice and ulam, and also some snacks to the resort.

I was surprised the moment I saw the swimming pool of Laguna Hot Spring Resort. It was as dark as the polluted waters of Manila Bay.

The black waters of Laguna Hot Spring Resort in Pansol, Calamba

The dark pool is not dark because of the water but because its bottom is natural soil with volcanic rocks. This is proof that their hot spring is all natural.

Unlike La Vista Pansol Resort, which is another hot spring resort nearby, Laguna Hot Spring Resort has only 1 swimming pool. It only has simple amenities and has no slides or other gimmicks. It is just a simple pool of warm water springing out of the soil underneath.

We actually enjoyed dipping in the warm waters of Laguna Hot Spring Resort. The kids loved floating in the pool in their floating rings. We, the adults, loved relaxing in the hot spring. The warm water eased the tensions of our muscles and reduced the stress in our body.

Enjoying the swim in Laguna Hot Spring Resort in Pansol, Calamba

Additionally, the hot spring is inhabited by small fishes that nibble the dead skin off our feet. They cleaned our feet, which was a “tickling” experience. The fish gave me a jolt the first time they nibbled my foot.

All in all, our day tour in Laguna Hot Spring was an enjoyable experience. We relaxed and had good family bonding. The only negative comment is that the place can be crowded, especially during weekends and holidays.


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