The Dog and His Master

Pictures of funny animals are always a hit in the Internet. Even news programs have segments that feature these amusing animals. I thought that I can only see such things in the Internet or at “Funniest Home Videos” until I saw this:
Motorcycle Dog is riding

My fellow passengers were amused when they saw the dog standing on the motorcycle without falling. I had seen this scene twice along EDSA. They always capture the attention of sleepy bus riders in the early morning.

I am not sure if PAWS or the PETA will complain about what the dog owner is doing to his dog. One possible thing that they can say is the the “dog owner is endangering the life of the dog.” However, the dog owner will just said that his dog is wearing a helmet.

As if the scene is not enough, the dog owner added another amusing thing. Let's zoom in:
Zooming in on Motorcycle Dog

You can see that the owner shaved the dog to show the logo of GMA. Is the dog owner a fanatic of GMA 7? Who knows. GMA 7 must find this guy and feature him in their morning show.


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  1. Really great that the dog doesn't jump off! Amazing!!!

  2. Amazing indeed STP. I think that the dog knows that he will die if he jump off the motorcycle.


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