Be On the Lead with Mr Google

Search engines are essential parts of our blogs because they serve as the source of the visitors and readers of our blogs. Yahoo, MSN, Bing and Google are just few of the search engines out there. Of the available search engines, it is Google that leads the rest. I had said it because majority of the visitors of my blogs were referred by the Google search engine. Because of this, I try to find ways to tame befriend and use Google to my advantage. I target keywords that are related to my blog posts so that it will be on an advantageous position when people search on Google. It requires hard work to look for applicable key words for my blog posts but I believe that I am doing a good job.

Because of the many visitors that Google brings, many websites are finding ways to take advantage of it and one of those ways is to hire agencies that help you target specific keywords that you want for your websites. There is some ppc agency (pay per click agency) that only requires payment for every click that was made on your targeted keyword. There are also other schemes available and I guess a simple search in Google will reveal those things.

If you have a blog or a website, it will be profitable if you use Google to your advantage because it will help your business grow.

United in the Defense of Life

The Feast of the Annunciation is one of the important feast of the Church. The feast commemorates the moment when Mary say “yes” to the will of God and let the Holy Spirit conceive a life inside her womb. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, was conceived unto this world when Mary said “yes” to God in her full obedience to God.

That is why the Feast of the Annunciation is the opportune time for those who value life to say “yes” and stand up for life. I am also one of those who said “yes” and joined thousands of Filipinos who values life and reject the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill). I answered the call of the Church to send a message to our legislators that Filipinos do not want the RH Bill.

Right after my work, I went directly to Quirino Grandstand, where the prayer rally is being held. While I am walking at Rizal Park, I saw many people who are also walking to Quirino Grandstand. What caught my attention is this:

There are so many people that attended the prayer rally. Many of them are priests, nuns and seminarians.


However, majority of those who attended that prayer rally are the lay Catholics who stand by the teachings of the Church regarding sex education; contraception; and sanctity of life, body, marriage and family.


The so-called “Reproductive Health” Bill does not really address the issue that it purports to solve. Its solution to poverty in the country is by reducing the number of poor people via “free” distribution of contraceptive tools like IUD, contraceptive pills and condoms; which diverts funds from important developmental projects for the agriculture sector, tourism industry and the education sector. The RH Bill’s solution to maternal death is by giving women tools that will prevent them from conceiving a child but will give them health complications. It is a known fact that many contraceptive pills causes breast cancer and the increase of incidence of that kind of cancer is blamed on the increased use of carcinogenic contraceptive pills. Also, other contraceptive tools like IUD rust inside the woman’s reproductive organ and cause health problems.

There are many questions that the congressmen pushing for the RH Bill that can’t address and it makes me wonder why they are rushing it in Congress without considering the medical, scientific and economic facts that are surfacing from various countries around the world that adopted similar bills or laws. Large numbers of studies contradicting the provisions of the RH Bill are just out there but the legislators pushing the RH Bill ignore those things and continue in rushing this bill.

I can only pray to God and ask intercession from Mary and Joseph for the non-passage of this bill.


For more information about the RH Bill, visit the Facebook page of I Oppose the RH Bill. Also, visit Filipinos for Life for a better article about the March 25 Prayer Rally.

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Another Visit to La Mesa Eco Park

Since me and my beloved missed having a picnic, we decided to visit the La Mesa Eco Park once again. We chose the La Mesa Eco Park because it has a swimming pool and my beloved want to go to a "resort."
If you want a detailed about La Mesa Eco Park, please visit my first post about La Mesa Eco Park.

Nothing changed inside La Mesa Eco Park, as compared to our first visit. La Mesa Eco Park still has the same picnic grounds and same attractions like the swimming pool, boat rides and paintball grounds. The only difference is that it is less crowded as compared to our first visit. It is a weekday, when we visited La Mesa Eco Park, that's why it is not crowded.

Because it is not crowded, we have no problem in finding a good spot to stay. The only problem is that the swimming pool was closed, as was the other attractions like the boat ride. It seems like those attractions are just open during the weekends and holidays. My beloved is a bit disappointed with it. So if you intend to swim or boat ride, then don't visit La Mesa Eco Park during weekdays.
*recycled photo

So we just enjoyed eating our baon (packed foods) under the shade trees of La Mesa Eco Park. Too bad that I did not took photo of our meal which is a whole Andoks Lechon Manok (roasted chicken) and rice, which we ate with bare hands.

We first settled in a bahay kubo inspired booths inside La Mesa Eco Park but somebody warned us that we have to pay 500 to use those booths. Because we are a penniless couple we left the booth and looked on a good but fee-less spot. So if you are poor like us, I suggest that you stay away from those booths and just keep on the grass.
La Mesa Eco Park, viewed from the top.

We enjoyed the afternoon inside La Mesa Eco Park and I like it when it is not crowded.


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Calda Pizza Surprise

Last week, my officemates decided to have pizza as the merienda (snack) for the afternoon. So, they went cubicle to cubicle asking for contributions for the pizza. Like the usual, the pizza delivery man was late. We are waiting for the pizza for more than an hour and many of my officemates are pissed off because it is almost time to go home. An officemate even planned to berate the pizza delivery guy. All the rantings and shouting did not pushed through when they saw the pizza delivery guy. The anger was replaced with laughter when we saw the delivery guy having a hard time carrying a HUGE box of pizza, as if he was Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

Oh yes. That pizza is huge and that pizza is "Calda Pizza."

Calda Pizza is a popular pizza joint in Cebu. Now, Calda Pizza is invading the other parts of the Philippines as well. What made this pizza joint popular is its giant pizza. I believe that only Calda Pizza gives delivery men a hard time in carrying pizza and this is what gives Calda Pizza the WOW factor.

My officemates ordered the a thin crust Calda Pizza, with a diameter of 36 inches. The pizza costs 1,290 pesos.

My Verdict for Calda Pizza

Calda Pizza is really huge, and that's it. There is no other factor that makes Calda Pizza special other than its size. Frankly, pizza from the mainstream pizza joints tastes better than Calda Pizza. I also found their pizza's crust a little dry, which made it hard for me to swallow it. I almost choke because of the dryness.

Calda Pizza is not that bad but I think that the owner of this pizza brand should focus on making Calda Pizza stand out in terms of taste. Having a huge size is interesting but when it comes to food, taste is the factor that makes customers come back and order more.

How to Order Calda Pizza

To know more information about Calda Pizza, visit the Calda Pizza Facebook page. Just click on the info page and you will see the telephone numbers of branches of Calda Pizza. As of the moment, the available Calda Pizza branches in Metro Manila are located in Mandaluyong City and in P. Noval, Espanya, Manila.


Fried Shark Wantan Anyone?

I think I just tasted my first shark dish when I and my beloved ate at a stall at an SM Mall.

It was a Saturday but my beloved still has to go work. So, I accompanied her as she goes to her workplace. However, our stomach grumbled so we decided to take our lunch first before she enters her office. Since we are sated with Jollibee, McDonalds or other usual fast foods; she took me to one of her favorite food stall and that is the Pao Tsin Dim Sum shop located inside the mall.
PaoTsin stall at SM.

Pao Tsin Dim Sum, as the name implies, sells dim sum with rice so it is a perfect place for us to eat our lunch. Pao Tsin Dim Sum offers different kinds of Chinese dim sum that I forgot to remember. What I do remember is the wantan dim sum that we ordered. My beloved ordered the Shrimp Wantan Dim Sum.
Shrimp wantan with rice.

For those who do not know, wantan (or more popularly spelled as wanton, wonton, and wuntun) is a type of dim sum commonly found in Chinese restaurants. I remembered eating a wantan in Chowking when I ordered their Beef Wantan Noodles. The usual fillings of wantan are minced pork, shrimp or oysters, ginger and onion, sesame oil and soy sauce.

If my beloved ordered the shrimp wantan I, on the other hand, became curious on what shark tastes like so I ordered the Shark Wantan Dim Sum.
Shark wantan with rice.

Well, in the photo, the shrimp wantan dim sum looks similar to the shark wantan dim sum. The difference is found within the wantan’s wrapper.

So, what can I say for my shark wantan dim sum? Well, I like it. I thought that shark tastes bad. The shark wantan dim sum tastes way better than the siomai that I buy from Siomai House.

For 35 pesos per meal, I think eating at Pao Tsin is not that bad. You already have three pieces of wantan dim sum, then rice, plus soy sauce for the dim sum. However, drinks are not included in the 35-peso meal so we just bought bottled water at SM Hypermarket.

Well, I guess this is bad news for the sharks. They have another fan of their dishes. :-P



Elegant Wooden Blinds

In the last post, I talked about blinds. No, it is not about the condition when a person loses his ability to see. What I talked about is blinds that are used to cover windows from the bright daylight and also prevent people from seeking what is happening inside the room.

When we say blinds, what comes to mind first is the blinds made of plasticor other synthetic materials. I just discovered that there types of blinds called as “wooden blinds.” Yep, you read it right, wooden blinds. There is such thing as wooden blinds. However, wooden blinds are not as common as their plastic or synthetic counterparts. I visited SM Megamall one time and happened to walk in their furniture section. All I can see are plastic or synthetic blinds. If there are wooden blinds, then maybe those are few.

If you are looking for Cheap Wooden Blinds, then you don’t need to worry. There are shops that sell wooden blinds that are affordable. Also, you can also search the Internet for online stores that sell cheap wooden blinds.

I believe that wooden blinds are better than plastic or synthetic blinds. Wooden blinds are more elegant to look at. So, if you are looking for blinds, then I guess you should also check wooden blinds.

Of Japan Tsunami and Chaos in Middle East

And when he entered into the boat, his disciples followed him: And behold a great tempest arose in the sea, so that the boat was covered with waves, but he was asleep. And they came to him, and awaked him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish. And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith? Then rising up, he commanded the winds, and the sea, and there came a great calm. But the men wondered, saying: What manner of man is this, for the winds and the sea obey him? (The Gospel according to Matthew 8:23-27 Douay-Rheims Version)

Our life can be compared to the little boat being rowed by the apostle of our Lord Jesus. There are times that great waves and strong winds are battering our little boat and no matter how we balance it, there is a danger that it will tip off and we will fall to the raging sea. The weather around our little boat is so bad that no matter how strong we row, we can’t go closer to the shore – to safety.

This is, I guess, what is happening to our world right now. We know that we are in great chaos and we keep on rowing and rowing, hoping upon hope that we will reach the safety of the shores. We are so afraid of what’s happening around us and we are so focused on fleeing to safety that we forgot, just like the apostles, that Jesus is with us.

Yes my friends, Jesus Christ is on our boat and he is with us calmly and peacefully because He knows that the chaos that rages in our lives are nothing compared to His power. All that Jesus is waiting is for us to turn to Him and place our full trust on Him.

Last Friday, a strong earthquake struck Japan and that is followed by a tsunami killing hundreds of people. In the Middle East, mass protests and violence rages on as people try to topple their long-staying leaders. Weeks ago, the world was surprised by a killer earthquake in New Zealand. Closer to home, chaos is upon the Philippine Congress as misinformation, deception and dirty tactics are being heaped upon just to force the Reproductive Health Bill to become a law.

“Prophecies” of doom and destruction is being uttered by many people as calamities after calamities strike around the world. “Is the 2012 end of the world true?” This is the recurring question that is being raised in this chaotic time.

Did our God already unleashing His wrath upon the world? I don’t think so.

I believe that God is telling us to turn away from our evil ways. God is calling us to repent and trust in Him. God is telling us to be more faithful and believe in Him.

Yes, my friends, Jesus Christ is on our boat and He is always with us. All we have to do is to surrender everything to Him and let Him take full control of our little boats for we are assured that in His time, He will rebuke the winds and the waves and they everything will be calm and peaceful again.


On the other news, I am asking for prayers from you my friends because the Philippine Congress will convene again this afternoon (March 15, 2011) to talk about the RH Bill. Sonny Belmonte vowed to pass this bill on March 24, even without proper deliberation and consideration on the serious issues surrounding the RH Bill.

Please pray for our country, that the RH Bill will not pass. Pray for the enlightenment of our legislators. May the mercy of our Lord pour this afternoon and prevent lies and deception from being victorious against the TRUTH.


Image of Jesus Christ and his disciples on a raging sea was taken from 100% Katolikong Pinoy. Gospel reading copied from

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Need to Buy Some Vertical Blinds

Summer is coming once again, and this means that the weather will once again be hot to bear. The sun will shine so bright that our eyes will hurt if we leave them unprotected. Our skin is once again threatened by the excess ultra-violet rays coming from the sun, which may cause skin cancer especially for those who have delicate skin. This also means that too much brightness will come inside my office room, which is not good for me and for my office mates.

Again, it is time for our office to buy blinds that can be used to block the excess brightness that pass through the glass window of our office. Our office can choose from two different kinds of blinds, which are the horizontal blinds and the vertical blinds.

If they will ask me, I will choose the vertical blinds. I guess it is better to look at that the horizontal blinds. I believe that there are better designs for vertical blinds than for horizontal blinds. Just like the horizontal blinds, you can choose different colors for the vertical blinds. What I like about vertical blinds is that you can choose how thick each of the blind you want to be, which I think is not possible with the horizontal blind.

Craving for Pili Nuts

When I was a kid, my father always brings home a native “fruit” coming from his home province in Bicolandia.

He boils this fruit until the seed inside is exposed and the meat inside the seed was cooked. After boiling, my father will give each of us a hammer to finally crack the seed open and eat the meat inside.

What is this fruit/seed that I am talking about? It is the PILI NUT. Pili is a native tree in Bicol and my father says that the tree grows quite tall. The nut, which is the seed inside the fruit, is so hard to crack that you need a hammer to pound it open. Once you open the hard shell, what you will get is the tasty white meat inside the pili nut.
Pili nuts.

These days, I always receive pili from an office mate. Not the hard pili nut but this:

This is pili tart and it is made from pili nut. The taste of pili tart is just ok, however, I can’t recognize the taste of the pili nut because the tart is stuffed with breading. You might think that I am complaining. No I am not, I actually like the pili tart but I like it more if my office mate give me the glazed pili nut, which is cooked in caramel. Glazed pili nut is my favorite pili nut product.
Sweet glazed pili nuts.


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Photo of pili nut and glazed pili nut came from Ali

Market Your Business

I have been talking about marketing and promoting your business or blogs in my previous posts and here I am again talking about marketing. I have talked about email marketing, promoting your business through blogs and promoting your business through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Marketing or promoting your business is an important matter. Making more people see you business determines how profitable your business can be.

There are two ways to market your business. One is by using the conventional way like posting advertisements in newspapers, TV, and radio. Posting ads on billboards, giving flyers and putting posters are other modes of conventional marketing. Another way of marketing your business is via the Internet that many people access every day. There are so many marketing possibilities in the Internet and I mentioned some of them in the previous paragraph. One way of using the Internet for marketing purposes is by using paid search marketing. This scheme allows you to capitalize on search engines and make your business visible to many visitors of these search engines every day.

Search engines are the driver of visitors for many websites of businesses. Because of this, businesses fight one another just to place themselves at the top of the search lists. So, if you have a business, I believe that it is advantageous to look at how to use the paid search marketing to your advantage.

I Got Tagged

My good friend Mommy Claire tagged me in a game “7 Facts.” Thank you for this Mommy Claire. I guess it is time for me to reveal other things about me. :-D

So, here are some of the “7 Facts” about Ishmael Ahab.

1) I don't like cats and I prefer dogs as pets. I see cats as self-centered animals. The only cats that I like are LolCats.

2) I am not choosy with what I wear. A simple shirt and pants are fine for me. Maybe, the reason for this is me being an alumni of the UP Diliman, wherein students’ “uniform” is a pair of jeans and a shirt.

3) I just learned how to eat ampalaya (bitter gourd) but still, I am not a fan of this veggie.

4) I experienced my first “heartbreak” during the last days of high school when the girl that I am courting busted me. Too bad she failed to see how handsome I am. :-)

5) I also write poems but I only write when I am emotionally charged. Here is a sample of poem that I posted here on my blog.

6) My handwriting is not that good. The reason is that I sacrifice beauty for speed.

7) My dream, since I am a little kid, is to travel the whole world. However, that dream was now replaced by a simpler dream and that is to be immersed more deeply in the Faith.

So, that's the 7 facts about me. I want to thank Mommy Claire again for this. Hope you liked it.


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Got to Try Email Marketing

Blogging is a serious business, especially if your aim is to get money out of it. Thus, if you are into moneymaking through blogging, then I am sure that you are also serious in marketing. A good blogger must know how to market his or her blog. As for me, I usually market my blogs using the Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook. I also market my blogs by posting comments on other blogs. One thing that I haven’t tries is to use email marketing to market my blogs.

I know email marketing since the time I opened my first e-mail account in Yahoo. I have been receiving spam messages from time to time, which I know is a furious attempt by some companies to market their products and services. As of now, I still receive promotional emails but many of them go to my Spam Inbox.

Many professional blogger profess to the usefulness of email marketing. Famous blogger, Problogger says that email marketing is an effective tool if it was used right. So with the benefits of email marketing, I think it is time for me to learn more about it so that I could use it for my blogs.

Michael Voris in Manila!

"The Church is in its low point today as heresies and dissenters rock it at every corner of the world."

This is my thoughts nowadays as I learn more about the Church that I chose to live and die for. The Church is bleeding because of the people, inside and outside of it that aim to destroy and lead the flock astray.

I found out that I am not the only person who had these thoughts. Many Catholics realized the crisis that the Church is in and many of them are speaking boldly and fearlessly. One of those Catholics is Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV.

It is my brother who introduced me to Michael Voris' videos in YouTube. I like how he fearlessly expose and explain the issues that beset the Catholic Church. He never minces his words and he never afraid to comment against anyone, be it a bishop, errant priests, big bosses of abortion clinics, American politicians and even the president of USA. His bravery and uncompromising stand for the Truth enticed me to attend his talk at Christ the King Parish in White Plains, Quezon City. The topic of his talk is about dissidents and how to deal with them.
Michael Voris

According to Michael Voris, the current crisis of the Church started in mid-19th Century inside Lutheran universities in Germany. Scholars inside those universities questioned the contents of the Bible. They mutilated each verse and placed literal meaning on each verse. An example is the multiplication of bread and fish. Those Lutheran scholars explained away that miracle. They said that Jesus did not miraculously multiplied the bread and fish but the people just pulled those from their pockets and shared them with each other. These academes do not believe in miracles and in effect disbelieve Jesus Christ.
Thrilla in Manila. Michael Voris' visit in Manila.

In the following years, the studies made in Lutheran universities began to circulate on magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Eventually, these heretical ideas began to be implanted into the minds of the priests, who also began to question the Bible, the Faith and the Church. The dissent became so great that the First Vatican Council was convened. In this council, the doctrine of Papal Infallibility was officially laid out. The authority of the Pope was re-stressed and many bishops resented this. The Franco-Prussian War suddenly broke out that's why the First Vatican Council was cut short. Attempts to reconvene the council failed as the First then the Second World Wars broke out. The sudden interruption of the First Vatican Council served as a vacuum and heretical teachings seeped in the Church. Power hungry people found this as the best opportunity to gain power inside the Church. That's why when the Second Vatican Council convened, all the dissent broke out. Bishops pitted themselves against the Pope. After the Second Vatican Council, the dissension of bishops became more public. This became the start of abandonment of Church traditions and genuine Catholic teachings. Heretic teachings broke out all over the Catholic Church. Liberal theology, abortion scandal, support for contraception and the continuous abandonment of the Faith became the order of the day.

According to Michael Voris, the sorry state of the Church is due to the bishops who are afraid to proclaim the Gospel and those bishops who abandoned the Faith. Bishops ignoring the heresies and crimes in the dioceses under their care are destroying the Church and compromises the souls of many people.

Michael Voris ended his talk by exhorting the laity to be firm on their Faith and serve as the forces to turn the tide against the forces of evil. He tells the laity to be immersed in the Faith and study it with great devotion so that we will be prepared when opportunity demands us to defend, explain and broadcast the Faith. Being an aware Catholic nowadays is an evidence of enormous grace that God poured on those Catholics. God had given the truth freely and it is our responsibility to share the truth freely.

I admire Michael Voris more after listening to his talk. He delivered his message clearly and directly. He inspired me to share the truth and here I am, sharing the truth freely.

Follow Michael Voris in Real Catholic TV.

Kudos to Pro Life Philippines for letting Filipinos listen to Michael Voris and Jason Evert in a series of talks and seminar, for the celebration of Pro-life Month last February.


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