Lessons I Learned in 2009

It is just a few hours away before the first seconds of 2010 will be ticking in our clocks.  In this time, many people are busy in making their New Year’s resolution and hope that they will be able to accomplish the goals that they set before the end of 2009. People are busy looking forward that they most of them forget to look back. 2009 had been a tumultuous year to most of us, it is not good to let it come and go without any of us getting something meaningful before it goes to obscurity.

Aside from New Year’s resolutions, the dawning of 2010 is the best time to look back to the past 12 months and contemplate on the lessons that we had gained. As for me, these are the lessons that I believe I gained from to outgoing year:

1) Friendship is not a Collateral

2009 is a year when I lost a friend because of money. It seems that the saying that friends and money do not mix well is true. My friend’s decision to cut all means of communications between us still baffles me. She gave up on me for just a puny amount. Not answering my calls, e-mails, text messages, and Facebook comments is a signal that she does not want to be contacted. I learned that money corrupts even friendship.

2) Stress is not an Alibi

It is true that the transactions in any Smart Wireless center are slow and the queue is quite long during rush hour. It is also true that Smart should do something about this problem so as not disappoint their clients. However, this problem should not be enough reason to be rude to anybody. A Smart Wireless center tested my patience during my most stressed day. I showed one of their agents my grumpy side, which I regretted later. The lesson is patience and this lesson is quite hard to learn. At least I am wary of my impatience and I am now trying my best to keep me from losing it.

3) Prepare for the Worst

Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng caught many people unprepared. For the long time, many people suffered and that includes my family. Ondoy’s wrath taught me to be prepared for the worst that might happen, especially now that PAGASA told us to expect more extreme weather conditions in 2010 due to climate change. I learned the importance of radio, of keeping the lines of communication open, and being ready to give help to those who are in dire straits.

These are just three of the many lessons that I had learned in the past year. I know that I have more things to recall and more lessons to brand into my head. As the 2009 is waning, let us reminisce the past 12 months and keep all the lessons that it brought.

How about you? What are the things that you learned in 2009?

My First Award in Blogging

I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Bluedreamer in giving my very first award in my two years (or so) as a blogger. I am glad that he found me worthy to receive such an honor.

The blog award that he gave me is the “Blogging for Friendship Award.”

This award made me contemplate on my reasons on blogging. Why do I blog? What are the reasons that compelled me to create Before the Eastern Sunset? Are my current motivations in blogging the same with the motivations I had when I began blogging?

I do not blog for friendship. I created this blog to find an outlet to all the loneliness that was locked up inside of me after my very first break up in my very first intimate relationship. During those days I posted works that chronicles my regrets and anxiety that grows everyday. That was a long time ago, now I blog because I love blogging. I like sharing my experiences to anyone who cares to read my posts. I like to help those who need information on the same things that I experienced, the places that I went, and the problems that I solved. I also love the conversation that ensues every time a blog post is made by me or my blogger friends. Blogging enables me to have a distraction on the monotony of my routine of home-work-home. It keeps my head sharp and makes the creative part of me alive by creating loads of articles each week.

I do not blog for friendship, but then again, my motivations for blogging only proves that, just like the way I am in the real world, I love having friends online. Blogging enabled me to do just that.

Bluedreamer is a wonderful blogger, visit his blog, Feed Your Mind.

Bad Broadband Installers

Regular readers of this blog know that I, for a long time, had been trying hard to have an internet connection for my home. I did an extensive research and considered broadband, line connection, and even satellite internet. I applied to major internet service providers like Smart and Globe for their broadband services. Both of those two telecommunication companies responded to my broadband applications and sent their technicians to try installing their broadband receivers for my home computer.

My internet application adventures allowed me to meet some bad eggs.

The Enterprising Technician

I first applied with Smart Telecom for their Plan 999 in their Smart Bro. The application process was fast and after a week’s time installers came to our place.

The problem with our place is that the line of sight with the tower of Smart is blocked by the mountain. The technicians tried in finding a place with good broadband signal for hours, but in vain. They even used a 20 feet pipe to prop up the broadband receiver, but the signal is hard to come by.

One of the installers told me that he could add another 10 feet pipe to increase my chances of getting a signal. He claimed that Smart charges 3,000 pesos for 30 feet high pipe that is used to prop up the receiver. He added that he could issue a receipt for the additional pipe but I could avail a discount if I will not ask for a receipt. He even claimed that Smart prohibits receivers being propped up to 30 feet.

The offer left me thinking. 3,000 pesos is too much for a 30 feet pipe unless their pipe is made of gold. Another thing that I thought is how he can issue a receipt if Smart prohibits a 30 feet high installation. The installer contradicted himself.

When the technician felt that I am adamant to his offer, he called up on his buddy on the rooftop and told him pack their things up. I am glad that they left quickly; I almost accepted the offer of the technician.

An Installer with an Attitude

 Because of Smart Bro’s lack of signal, I tried applying to Globe Broadband for an internet connection.

The technicians of Globe lack coordination. One of them went to our home without informing me. My mom did not let them in because she was surprised. Thievery are rampart in our town so as a precaution, my mom did not allow them to go into our house. The next, two installers came and I received them. They are nice and tried all possible things to get a good signal but to no avail. I have no problem with them.

The night on that day, the group of technicians, the ones that my mom barred, came. One of the technicians, maybe because he is tired for the day, told me in a loud voice, “Ano ikakabit na natin?!” (What? Shall we install now?!). I almost said, “Oo ikabit na natin sa puwet mo.” (Yeah, let’s install it in your ass) but said, “May pumunta nang technician kaninang tanghali eh. Natingnan na nila kung may signal.” (Other technicians already visited us this afternoon. They already checked if there is a signal). After that, they just left without any word.

How very rude of that technician. Even if he is tired, he should not have shouted at his client. That is never a good way to treat customers.


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