Cooling Down at Majayjay Falls

My friends don't want to leave Lucban without doing some sort of nature tripping. So, the day after our Pahiyas Festival experience, we went to Majayjay Falls to escape the heat and relax after a night of puyatan and drinking vodka.

Majayjay Falls, which is also known as Taytay Falls and sometimes mistakenly called as Imelda Falls, is located at the outskirts of Mount Banahaw. Its very cold water draws many people like a fire to the moth. It is not surprising that it was crowded during our visit.
Majayjay Falls, Laguna
  Majayjay Falls in Laguna

I am amazed by Majayjay Falls’ super cold water. Swimming in it is like entering a refrigerator. Because of this, many people place their drinks under the water so as to keep them cold. As for us, we placed our remaining vodka and other drinks under the water to keep them cool.
Majayjay Falls, Laguna
Feel the force of Majayjay Falls.

The water flowing at Majayjay Falls comes from Mount Banahaw. Possibly, this is the reason why the water is incredibly cold.
Visitors to Majayjay Falls
Majayjay is crowded during weekends and holidays.


How to Go to Majayjay Falls

If you are coming from Lucban, you should ride the jeep going to Majayjay at the jeepney terminal located at Lucban’s new public market. Ask the jeepney driver to let you go down the road leading to Majayjay Falls. Travel time is about 30 minutes and costs 15 pesos per person. You will know that you went down the right place if you see Edie’s Store and signboard in the picture below:

Sign to Majayjay Falls
To Majayjay Falls

Next, you should ride a tricycle that goes to Majayjay Falls. Tricycles going there is quite few and usually you have to “fight” other people waiting for the tricycle to get a ride. Tricycle ride to the falls is 8 pesos per person. Be aware that there are some tricycle drivers who will take advantage of the situation and ask you to pay 50 pesos person for a ride. Jeepneys from Lucban rarely go directly to Majayjay Falls and it only happens if all passengers will go to the falls.

On the way to Majayjay Falls
Onward to the Falls

I do not recommend walking to the falls because it is about 3 kilometers away from the main road and the road is uphill. We tried walking toward the falls, which is a bad decision. Luckily, a jeepney passed by and we were allowed to ride on the jeep’s roof. Traveling to Majayjay Falls gave me my first time experience of riding top load (or sitting on the jeep’s roof). The rushing winds and the steep cliff side road are exhilarating.

Deadly cliff on the way to Majayjay Falls
You’ll see the mystic Banahaw on the way to the falls.

I recommend that you go to Majayjay Falls by your own car because tricycles to the falls are somewhat rare.

Majayjay Falls Entrance Fee and the Long Walk

Entrance fee to Majayjay Falls is 20 pesos per person. The park, which covers the falls, has parking facilities for private vehicles. There are also souvenir shops and eateries inside the park. If you have no food with you, this is the best place to eat or buy some snacks and even beer before going to the falls. The falls is still far from the park’s entrance so this is the last chance you could buy what you need.

River from Majayjay Falls
View of the river from the trail.

You have to walk on a cliff side trail to go to Majayjay Falls. It is about 15 minutes walk and the trail was already paved and cemented. Those who are so excited to dip in the cold river need not go to the falls because there are stairs leading to the river below. However, I recommend that you go to the falls to maximize your visit. The water near the falls is fresher as compared to the water downstream.

Downriver from Majayjay Falls
There are also plenty of people downstream

Rocks of Majayjay Falls
The best place to leave your belongings is on the rocks located along the cliff wall, waterfall’s side.

After a long walk, you will reach Majayjay Falls and now you can enjoy in swimming in the super cold water of Majayjay Falls. You could harmlessly pass through the waterfall. Just be careful of the rocks on the riverbed that is slippery.

So, that’s my Majayjay Falls trip. If you are going there, I suggest that you bring your own camera.

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3 Super Yummy Delicacies that You should Never Miss when in Lucban, Quezon

The town of Lucban is famous for its Pahiyas, which is touted as the fiesta to end all fiestas. Who wouldn't be amazed with the houses decorated with kiping and veggies? Aside from the Pahiyas, Lucban is also famous for its super yummy delicacies.

I am fortunate to taste three of these super yummy delicacies of Lucban. So without further ado, here's the food that you should not miss when in your Lucban:

Pasalubong and Lucban’s Sweet Treats

A year after I visited Lucban, I got the chance to buy again my favorite pasalubong, which is the Broas.

Broas from Lucban
Sweets from Lucban. (Photo by Erick)

Broas is a crunchy bread that is so puffy that it melts inside your mouth. It became my favorite Lucban treat because of sweetness. However, Broas get crushed easily. When buying broas, I suggest that you buy the ones stored in big cans. If you opt to buy those in plastic packs then I suggest that you protect it or else you'll eat pulverized broas. That’s what happened to my broas when I got home from my visit to Pahiyas Festival.

A pack of broas costs 35 pesos. I tried to haggle with the vendors but their resistance is stiff, thus I can’t buy broas at a price less than 35 pesos. Too bad that I never employed my own tips on haggling.

Other pasalubong that I bought from Lucban are the Apas, and Torones. During the Pahiyas Festival, stalls selling pasalubong and kakanin were set up on the sidewalks. Visitors have numerous shops to choose from. During the regular days, pasalubongs can be bought on shops located near the Lucban Church.

Pansit Habhab (a.k.a Pansit Lucban)

Not to be outdone by other towns, Lucban also has its own version of pansit, which is called as Pansit Habhab. I do not know where Pansit Habhab got its name. My best guess is that the name came from the way Pansit Habhab is eaten.

Lucban Miki
Uncooked Pansit Habhab.

Pansit Habhab is eaten without using any spoon or fork. It is eaten directly off the plate, as if you are a goat eating some grass.

When we are looking for a place to buy Pansit Habhab, we found a shop in Lucban’s new market that has a long queue of customers. This shop is Pert and Nellie Pancit Habhab Shop and I believe that they have the best Pansit Habhab in the area because of the many people lining up to buy some from them. Other food stalls beside the Pert and Nellie’s shop are almost devoid of any customers.

Pert & Nellie Pancit Habhab store in Lucban
The long queue indicates that Pert and Nellie has the best Pansit Habhab.

Pansit Habhab from Pert and Nellie is 6 pesos per pack. This is not too expensive because one pack of Pansit Habhab is already enough for one person. Pert and Nellie will give you a plastic of vinegar to make your Pansit Habhab more delicious according to your taste.

Pancit Habhab from Lucban
A pack of pansit habhab is heavier than a pack of Luck Me!

Uncooked Pansit Habhab is also available at 40 pesos per pack. You could buy uncooked Pansit Habhab from shops selling pasalubong or at Eker and Ely, which is famous for its Lucban Longganisa.

Lucban Longganisa

This is the only Lucbanon delicacy that I failed to buy during the Pahiyas Festival. Lucban Longganisa is so famous that all stocks from every shops were bought by visitors of the Pahiyas Festival. My friend told me that Lucban Longganisa is quite delicious that Purefoods Company offered Lucban to buy the name and rights to Lucban Longganisa. Lucbanons rejected the offer because it forbids them to make Lucban Longganisa once Purefood bought the rights.

For the uninitiated, longganisa is a kind of sausage that is famous in the Philippines.

Lucban Longganisa for sale
Lucban Longganisa just hang outside most shops. (Photo from Lakwatsera Ako)

The best place to buy Lucban Longganisa is at Eker and Ely, which sells the sausage and pasalubong since 1958. Lucban Longganisa from this place is so good that there is still a long line of people buying there sausage the day after the Pahiyas Festival. If you really want to buy Lucban Longganisa from Eker and Ely, I suggest that you buy not during the Pahiyas Festival so that you could avoid the hassle of long lines.

Eker & Ely shop of Lucban Longganisa
Eker and Ely, home of great Lucban Longganisa.

The shop of Eker and Ely is located in the vicinity of the Lucban Church.

These are just three of the yummy food that I tasted while I was in Lucban. I'm sure that Lucban has more to offer so I will taste of Lucbanons' yummy food when I come back to their wonderful town.

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My Very First Pahiyas Experience

Last Saturday, I visited Lucban to see their famous Pahiyas Festival. This festival is the best of all the festivals that I had visited so far.

Pahiyas Festival celebrates the feast of San Isidro (a.k.a. St. Isidore one of the doctors of the church). It is the time that the people of Lucban showcase their bountiful harvest as their way of saying "thank you" to God.
Welcome to Pahiyas 2010
Welcome to Pahiyas Festival 2010

What made the Pahiyas Festival famous are the houses that were dressed like lanterns. The houses are covered with colorful kiping, rice grains, vegetables, and even longganisa. The house that has the most creative design will be judged as the best house for the year’s Pahiyas Festival.
Decorated house during Pahyas 20100
Houses in Lucban are like Christmas lanterns.

Pahiyas House
 Decorated houses are more amazing during the night.
The best house in Pahiyas 2010
 This house is this year's grand champion of the Pahiyas Festival.
Kiping is the unique element in each of the decorated houses in Pahiyas Festival. Kiping is a blade-thin cracker that was made from the flour of grounded rice. It is unflavored and is in different color. I tried eating one of the kiping flakes but I didn't like because its bland.

Kiping chandelier in Pahiyas Festival
Kiping chandelier.
Gaiety filled the streets of Lucban as people watched the parades of the different floats. Just like the houses, floats are designed with kiping, vegetables, and fruits.

Pancit Habhab Cart in Pahiyas Festival
A beautiful float of Pahiyas Festival.
Mother and daughter in Pahiyas Festival
Mother and daughter team-up.
The best float in Pahiyas 2010
Best float of Pahiyas Festival 2010.

Beautiful Lucbanons also paraded much to the elation of the audience (including me). The contestants also were adorned by native products and that include kiping.

Ube Queen of Pahiyas Festival
Ube Queen.
Ms. Pahiyas 2010
The fairest of them all. ;-)

Not to be outdone, carabaos (water buffalo) pulling decorated sleds were also paraded. People were amazed and, at the same time, scared of the big water buffaloes and their large horns.

Parade of carabaos during Pahiyas

The best carabao in Pahiyas 2010
And this carabao beat them all.
 Pahiyas festival is the busiest day for Lucban. Many tourists go to this town to see the decorated houses and join in the festivities. People who have relatives or friends in Lucban visit the town to eat the delicacies for free. Fiesta in the Philippines is one happy affair and the Pahiyas Festival is not different.

Expect heavy traffic during the Pahiyas festival. Roads that will be used for the parade are closed and the number of visitors in the town causes the traffic to move very slowly. Visitors usually go down outside of the town and walk towards the poblacion. To enjoy the Pahiyas Festival, it is suggested that you walk around town to see the interesting things that the festival is offering.

Heavy traffic during the Pahiyas Festival
Lucban festival made these cars trapped in a hellish traffic.

Stalls, offering pasalubong (food) and other souvenirs, were set-up all around the town. There are shops selling hats, delicacies from Lucban, souvenir t-shirts, keychain, and other souvenir items. Visitors have many items to choose from.

Pasalubong from Lucban, Quezon
Broas? Apas? Nuts? Any pasalubong you want is available.

Hats and fans for sale in Pahiyas
Nothing beats the sun like these cool hats.

My latest Lucban visit is really amazing. Even though I was irritated by the long travel to Lucban from Manila, the grandness of the Pahiyas Festival is more than enough for me to feel that my visit is very well worth it.

Here are more pictures of the Pahiyas Festival:

Watching the Pahiyas parade

Visitor to the Pahiyas Festival


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See this bear?
Chic2Chic bear

Looks very cute right?

I bought that bear from my good friend Cindy from her online business Chic2Chic. The item is a necklace with a bear pendant carrying a box of gift. The necklace is classy but very affordable.

I will give that bear necklace to one lucky girl. Of course that girl is my dear little sister for her birthday.

Other items, aside from the necklace, are available from Chic2Chic. There are beaded bracelets and necklaces. There are lockets. There are also necklaces that have other kind pendants like a small watch and a heart.

My next favorite item in Chic2Chic is this:
Chic2Chic watch

Pretty cool, eh?

That clock is actually tick-tocking (or in other words, it is working).

So if you are looking for something to give to your girlfriend for your anniversary or other special occasions, or if you are looking for gifts for your sister, girl friends, or mother then I suggest that you give her a gift from Chic2Chic

Buying from Chic2Chic is hassle free because the item you buy will be delivered at your doorstep.

To see the other available items, just visit the Chic2Chic website or you could place an order by leaving a comment or a message at my chatbox. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now!


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Happy Mother's Day

Ah Mothers!

What will happen to all of us if they do not exist? Obviously, we will also not exist.

Our mothers are the ones who gave us our lives. They are the ones who endured the sleepless nights, when we are just little babies, so as to keep us safe and comfortable. They are the ones who cry first on all of our failure and they are the first ones who are delighted to our all of our success. They are their prop us up when we fell.

My friend just sent me an SMS message that goes like this:

"I believe in love at first sight. Since the very first day that my eyes opened, she is the one I first saw and the very first person that I loved. I love you mom."

How true! We learned to love because we are loved by our mothers.

For this special day, let me greet my blogger friends who are mothers - who are great mothers. I am giving this little token for their being great moms for their kids.

This badge is for my dear mother, who is always there for me. I am also offering this token to my blogger friends who are great mothers.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Faye, Mai Mai, and Marites.

The Mother's Day badge was obtained from Wonder Clip Arts.


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Go for Polland's Hopia

Every sweldo day (pay day), I usually try to buy some food to reward myself for working hard during the past fifteen days. Sometimes I buy snacks, biscuits, or just the ice cream from a Mini Stop branch near our office. However, if I am really craving for something sweet, I go to the nearest Polland store located along Escolta and buy some of their sweet and delicious hopia.

Hopia is a kind bread that is usually circular in shape. What makes this bread delicious is the mongo paste that is used to fill the hopia. Original hopia is filled with either the red mongo or the ordinary mongo. Nowadays, hopia has many flavors ranging from the original flavor, durian flavored, chocolate flavored, watermelon flavors, and many more. These kinds of hopia can be found in Polland. However, even if there are new flavors of hopia, my favorite still is the regular mongo flavor.

Polland’s hopia became my favorite because it sweeter and tastier than the other hopia that I had tasted before. But then again, I still have to taste other hopia from Eng Bee Tin to make a better judgment.

Still, even if I had not visited Eng Bee Tin to taste their hopia yet, I could say that Polland’s hopia is delicious and is not a waste of my hard-earned money.

So, if you ever found yourself in the Binondo Area or Chinatown in Manila and you are craving for something, I suggest that you go visit Polland and taste their hopia.


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Image of Polland's hopia came from the multiply site: "Sino sino, kung anu ano, atbp."

My 2010 Senatorial Candidates

Few days are remaining before we finally cast our votes for the candidates that we believe to have the capability and the character to lead the country.

However, many Filipinos are still undecided whom to vote for, especially when it comes to filling the 12 vacant positions for the Senate. This indecision was caused of the lack of focus that the Philippine media is giving to the Senatorial candidates as compared with presidential and vice – presidential candidates.

The Senate, together with the Lower House (Congress), forms the Legislative Branch of the Philippine Government. The Legislative Branch is the co-equal branch of the Judiciary and the Executive Branch of the government. The power of the Senate stems from the fact that its members are duly elected by the people. It is the Filipino people who gave the Senators the power to craft laws and be the force to serve as check and balances to the possible abuses of the other two governmental branches.

Because of this, choosing the Senators in the 2010 Elections is as important our bets for the posts of president and vice-president.

As for me, I have already chosen some candidates that I will vote in May 10. I am endorsing them to you dear readers and I hope that you vote for them too. Here are the candidates that I will surely vote in May 10:

Francisco “Kit” Tatad (No. 57)

Kit Tatad was one of the senators who sat in Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial. Unlike his fellow senators who subscribed to dramatics to gain the attention of the media, Tatad chose to stick to the rules prescribed by the constitution and the internal rules of the Senate. This is what I admired for this man that is why I will vote for him.

Gwendolyn Pimentel (No. 44)

Despite being the daughter of Senator Nene Pimentel, Gwen is out to create a name for her. I’ll be voting for her because we share the same stand regarding the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. We both believe that the current version of the RH Bill have provisions that is unconstitutional and somewhat tramples on the basic rights of the Filipino people. Because of her belief, she got a vote for me.

Jo Aurea Imbong (No. 21)

She is one of the senatorial bet of the Ang Kapatiran Party and a newbie when it comes t national politics. However, she is not new when it comes to public service. She has a consistent track record in supporting activities that protects the Filipino family. For that, she gets my vote.

Tatad, Pimentel, and Imbong are the senatorial candidates that I will vote for in the elections in May 10. I do hope that you vote for them too because they will serve as our vanguard in the august halls of Senate.

I still have 9 Senatorial candidates to choose for so as to complete the 12 Senatorial slates. So far, I am considering Neric Acosta (No. 1), Alex Lacson (No. 23), and Bong Bong Marcos (No. 32).

How about you dear reader, who is your Senatorial bets? What can you say about the senatorial candidates that I am still considering? Are they worthy of my vote? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Please vote Kit Tatad (No. 57), Gwen Pimentel (No. 44), and Jo Imbong (No. 21) for Senator in May 10.

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A Grace of Friendship

I went to Davao two years ago to gain further experience in practicing my profession as an engineer. However, without foresight, I had also gained a good friendship that survives up until now.

Megumi had been a best pal even though he had just met for a few moments and were separated by a great distance. Due to her, I began to believe that friendship is not just based on how many times friends have seen each other personally. Friendship relies heavily on the sincerity that friends share with each other.

In our life, people come and go but there are those who stick with us in the time of happiness and in the time of distress. These people are what we human beings treasure greatly and what we call as friends.

Thankfully, I thank God to have sent me to Davao to meet a good and sincere person that is Megumi.