Why So Nervous?

I feel nervous today. Or specifically, I am nervous because that I might lose my beloved to a guy in her future workplace.

My Beloved informed me that she will be trying to apply for a job today, and that the job will entail her to work in graveyard shift. Unfortunately, my imagination flickered once again. And the worst is that I began to think that I might lose my Beloved to guy in her workplace.

This thought keep me nervous. But then again, all I could do is to send her a text message cheering her up, to go on and get that job and end her stint of being jobless for months now. I can't send a message that will expose my fear and thus discourage her to go for what she like and what she need. She has to do it, and the right thing for me to do is to support her. The best thing to do is to erase my fear and put all my trust and confidence in her.

I trust her and I love her, but why do I still feel this fear?

Ah! I just wish that the Davao del Norte move tectonically near Manila so that she will never be too far away from me.