North Thailand Road Trip (Part 8): Mae Sai the Most North of Siam

After our short tour in the creepy Black House of Chiang Rai, our generous friends: Thai and Filipina couple Yam and J brought us to Mae Sai, the northernmost town of Thailand.

Northernmost marker in Mae Sai, Thailand

Mae Sai’s main tourist attraction is the opportunity to cross the border to the Myanmar town of Tachileik.

Immigration Office in Mae Sai, Thailand

I also had the same opportunity when we were in Mae Sai but I didn’t take it. The reason is that no one will accompany me and I think there’s not much to see Tachileik. I also had to undergo much hassle, like immigration checks, just for a few minutes of stay in Myanmar.

I just contented myself with taking photos of the bridge connecting Thailand and Myanmar:

Mae Sai Bridge, Mae Sai, Thailand

There’s plenty of people crossing the bridge.  Most of them are Thais and Myanmar people but there are tourists among the crowd.

Bridge connecting Tachileik, Myanmar and Mae Sai, Thailand

Mae Sai is also a good place to eat. I believe that there are restaurants here that sell Myanmar dish.

Our friend brought us to a noodle shop located beside Mae Sai River.

Kow Soy shop in Mae Sai, Thailand
Here comes my Kow Soy.

My noodle soup tasted fine just like the Kow Soy that I tasted in Chiang Rai.

Swimming children in Mae Sai River, Mae Sai, Thailand

Our seat overlooks Mae Sai River, the border bridge, and Myanmar – nothing much to see actually. Well, there were kids playing in Mae Sai River while we eat. I guess the border police of Thailand and Myanmar doesn’t care if these kids cross the boundary.

Since it’s a border town, its main economic activity is the trade of goods from Myanmar. So after finishing our Kow Soy we went next to Mae Sai border market.

Border Market in Mae Sai, Thailand

Mae Sai is popular for its jade industry. Jade stones are imported from Myanmar and then polished in Mae Sai. I saw a lot of jade figurines in the border market but I didn’t buy any.

Myanmar jade for sale in Mae Sai, Thailand

What I bought is a piece of Myanmar cloth for my Beloved.

Myanmar cloth for sale in Mae Sai, Thailand

I also bought wooden jewelry boxes for my mother and my mother-in-law, a ref magnet (which is a proof of my visit to Mae Sai), and other souvenir items.

Souvenirs for sale in Mae Sai, Thailand

Aside from items imported from Myanmar, Mae Sai border market also have items made from China. In fact, I saw some cheap items that are also available in Divisoria.

Chinatown in Mae Sai, Thailand

I think there’s sizable number of Chinese in Mae Sai. In fact, this town has big Chinese temple and many business owners are Chinese.

Chinese temple in Mae Sai, Thailand

There’s nothing much to expect in Mae Sai aside from being the northernmost town of Thailand. Even the border market is not worth effort for tourists to go all the way north.  Good thing that I had generous friends who brought us to Mae Sai because I will not go to this town if I’m traveling alone.


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  1. The place reminds me of Divisoria and China town ^_^ Thanks for sharing Ish

    1. Mukhang Chinatown nga itong Mae Sai kasi ang daming Chinese na nakatira dito. Pero ang nagustuhan ko sa market nila ay malinis di tulad ng sa Divisoria.

      Salamat sa pagbisita Blue.

  2. An interesting looking city. I haven't visited yet but I've wanted to.


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