Waterworld of España Boulevard

I was both amazed and baffled last Monday night when I looked at Taft Avenue from the platform of LRT – Pedro Gil Station. The whole stretch of Taft Avenue is submerged in floodwaters! My great dilemma was the fact that I have to go down the LRT station and brave that ultra-mega-super-filthy flood.
Flooded Taft Avenue

I left that area of Taft Avenue with my sock soaked with disgusting floodwaters. Even my beloved and her sister, whom we fetched from the nearby Robinson's Mall, were not spared. They also braved the flooded Taft Avenue.

The rains and floods that Monday night is just the beginning of the calamity brought by the “habagat” winds. I woke Tuesday morning just to see that major parts of Metro Manila were submerged by floodwaters. People from low-lying areas were evacuated. Many people died by electrecution,drowning and landslide.

I decided to go back to work on Thursday even though many areas are still flooded. Employees, like me, were forced to go work because the government didn't suspend work in government and private offices.

I knew something was amiss when the bus conductor told us that they will be cutting their trip at Blumentritt Street. It only meant that España Boulevard is still flooded. I was not wrong.
Stranded Passengers at España Boulevard
Stranded passengers at Blumetritt corner España Boulevard

I was forced to go down Blumentritt Street because the bus driver didn't want to brave the flooded  España Boulevard. Passenger vehicles are rare so I decided to walk the remeining stretch of  España Boulevard despite the flood.
Flood in de la Fuente Street
Thigh high flood along De La Fuente Street.

There are a lot of people who waded through the flood of  España Boulevard. Most of them are workers who didn't to be late for work. Fortunately, the flood along the side of the boulevard was just as high as my thighs. I might have turn back if the flood rose higher than my hips.

The trains of Philippine National Railways (PNR) continued its operations. Passengers of PNR are fortunate during that day because of it.
PNR at flooded España Boulevard
Flooded España Boulevard and the train of PNR.

I saw some buses that passed through the floods of  España Boulevard. I am dismayed when I saw those bus. The bus that I had ridden earlier should have braved the flood for the sake of the passengers. The operator of Universal Guiding Star is such a chicken.
Florida Bus braving flood along España Boulevard
Bravo Florida Bus Lines!

I know that my ordeal is about to the end when I reached the University of Santo Tomas (UST).
UST fence
Walking beside the fence of UST.

UST is one school worst hit by floods. According to news reports, Floods entered UST Hospital and many patients had to be transferred to the upper floors.
Flooded arch of UST
Flooded arch of UST

Morayta is the last part of my journey. I climbed the footbridge to see the extent of the flood. Here is what I saw:
España Boulevard is flooded
España Boulevard is totally flooded.
Morayta Area
Morayta Area.

Many people used the flood to earn some money like the people who made this bridge:
Makeshift bridge

It is good that the classes are suspended. I am sure that students of Far Eastern University (FEU) will be horified to see this:
Flooded Morayta

I am glad to see that there is no flood at Lerma Street. I am so happy to walk on flood-less street.
Lerma Street

The underpass under Recto Avenue became another big swimming pool. The water in the underpass was gone when I passed yesterday morning.
Flooded Recto Underpass

Walking along the flooded  España Boulevard is a great experience for me though I will not do it again in the future.

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  1. matuto na sana ang mga tao na huwag magtapon ng basura sa kung saan lang.....lalo na ang mga illegal loggers.....

  2. Arvin

    Siguradong mauulit 'yan dahil hindi pa rin natututo ang mga tao. Pansin ko tuloy pa rin ang pagpapabaya at pagkakalat ng basura ng mamamayan.

  3. Grabe talaga yung pagbahang naranasan natin nung Martes at Miyerkules. Even until now, marami pa din ang flooded na lugar sa mga probinsya.

    Yung sister ko din, sinuong ang baha sa España nung Martes, para lang makapasok sa trabaho nya.

    Stay safe!

  4. Grabe talaga yung baha! Yung sa mga frinds ko and some relatives lagpas tao. Taga navotas kasi at malabon.

  5. gabe tlga nanyayari naun no konting ulan baha na

  6. Fiel-Kun

    Hay. Kawawa nga ang mga empleyado noong araw na iyon. Kailangan lusubin ang baha para lang hindi maging maging absent at hindi mabawasan ang sasahurin.


    Matindi na talaga sa Malabon at Navotas. Parang lagi na silang under water.

    Sana ligtas lagi ang friends at relatives mo.


    Oo nga eh. Epekto din kasi pagpapabaya ng mga tao.

  7. Oh no!! This is my second time reading about flood in your blog since I last visited Manila!

  8. Must be horrible experiencing the flood. We also have some flash flood over here in Malaysia.

  9. Oh gosh!!! I hope the flood waters have subsided already. My town used to be like that - flooded every time it rained buy they've worked on the drainage...and the hugs dam upriver has started working so these days, floods are a thing of he past, no more.

  10. Foong

    Flood is common during the typhoon season so I kinda expect it. But it is still a horrible experience to wade through the flood just to reach the office.


    Good for you that the government in your place improved the drainage system. That is what we need here in Manila but our political leaders squabble a lot and forget to their work like improving the drainage system.

    Our situation is OK. The flood is gone many days ago.

  11. Hehe... natawa naman ako dun "Water World" tlg! Welcome sa Water World... Its quite an experience, disgusting nga lang. ahaha. Puro basura kasi... nakaharang pa mga vendors sa side walk, kya lalong pahirap sa daan.

  12. Einz

    Kadiri talaga. OK na sana kung yung baha ay malinis. Kaso may nakalutang na ipis, daga at kung anu-anong bagay na ayaw ko nang malaman.


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