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It is the time of the year again for the most inconvenient position of the sun in relation with our office. Every morning, the sun’s rays falls directly on my office table and also falls directly on my back. Too bad that the office window is just made of glass jalousie, which is a not too perfect material to block the direct hit of sunlight.  What I actually need are blinds that I could hang on my office window so that I could be spared from the direct hit of sun’s rays. My only problem is that our office “don’t have money” for us to acquire blinds that could save me and my other office mates from sun burn and darkening.

Made to measure wooden venetian blinds could be found on local home or office furniture shops. Also, they could be ordered via the Internet. It is very easy for our office to purchase Venetian blinds, as long as we have the funds for it.

I guess, what I should lament is not the sun’s rays or the lack of Venetian blinds but the lack of funds for our office. I can only wish and hope that the office can have extra cash so that we can buy Venetian blinds to block this direct sun’s rays and make us comfortable while we are doing our work.

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  1. I want to buy venetian blinds for my room windows and my room color is purple so it should be of purple color. So, please suggest me from where can I buy the latest venetian blinds with affordable rates.


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