SCAM ALERT! One Tagaytay Place Scam

"If it is too good to be true then it is probably untrue."

This is what I learned when I almost fell for the Club Ultima / Crown Regency Hotel scam.

Last year, I received a call from an unknown number. The caller said that I won a free overnight stay in Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu. I can claim the gift certificate by just watching a 90-minute presentation.

I smell something fishy so I didn't take the bait.

I thought that's the end of it.

I was wrong.

Last April, I received a call from a certain Andrea Madrigal. She told me that I won a free overnight stay in One Tagaytay Place Hotel. She also told me that I have to attend a 90-minute presentation to get the free gift certificate. She also promised that there will a free lunch buffet.

I was suspicious because she used the same script as in the Club Ultima /Crown Regency Hotel Scam but I confirmed my attendance, nonetheless.

Andrea Madrigal then texted me these messages:

One Tagaytay Place Scam
One Tagaytay Place Scam
One Tagaytay Place Scam

Her message says:

INVITATION TO: MR. and MRS. AHAB: You are receiving this text message to confirm our invitation to you as a selected recipient of Complimentary Room Night Gift Certificate at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites. In order to claim the Gift Certificate with a free Lunch Buffet for two at around 11:30am Tomorrow.There is no financial obligation recipients are only required to bring 1 valid ID each with spouse and kindly finish the minimum of 90mins. hotel presentation to see our rooms/facilities and amenities of our h0tel in claiming the GC as this is part of our promotion. Our office is located in G/f aguinaldo agoncillo function Room Barrio Sungay Tagaytay City. before Picnic Groove we are in left side along the hi-way. Infront of our hotel we have 7-11 & PR Bank. Kindly look for me Ms. Andrea Madrigal or our receptionist Ms. Ana Mallari. Thank you
Andrea is quite persistent because she sent two more text messages. One text message says:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected by our company to receive a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT CERTIFICATE which is an OVERNIGHT STAY IN OUR PREMIER HOTEL-ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE HOTEL SUITES. The accommodation is good for 2adults & 2kids. Valid for 3months upon claiming the gift. It's Transferrable.  Have a blessed day...:-)
Another of her message says:

Hi! Andrea here kindly reply us back once you received the details/invitations. You will be reserve at V.I.P Table #8 for the Free Lunch Buffet for two and FREE PARKING RESERVED. It will be our pleasure to see you both here tomorrow. God bless and have a nice day ahead..:-)

It will be their pleasure to us indeed since they reeled in another victim.

My gut tells me that there is something wrong with the so-called "free" overnight hotel stay so I decided not to attend the 90-minute presentation.

Andrea called again the next morning so I apologized and told her that I will not come.

Her reply was, "Ano pa ang magagawa ng sorry mo?!"

Then she suddenly dropped the call.

Her attitude just confirmed that she's a scammer. A true hotel employee will not act the way she did.

I bet that she was mad that she will not get a commission  because her victim got away.

It seems that my name is still in their database so I will not be surprised if I will get another call or text message from another scammer.

I am truly thankful that I was not victimized by this One Tagaytay Place Scam.


I recently received another text message from Andrea Madrigal, which reads:

Hi! Andrea here from One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites. This  is regarding to your UNCLAIMED COMPLIMENTARY GIFT CERTIFICATE for an OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION at ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE HOTEL SUITES good for 2 Adults and 2 Kids at the Deluxe Room and Valid for 3 Months upon claiming. Were inviting you again for the special batch of claiming on Saturday or Sunday  in between 11:30am-1pm (MAY 20,and 21, 2017) here in our HOTEL at ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE with Free Lunch Buffet for two. Again dont worry just bring 1 valid id together  with your spouse. Please txt us back if you are still interested or not. Were preparing po kasi everything and were finalizing our guestlist. Thanks and God bless:-)
This Andrea think that I will deal with her again after her rudeness. Bah! I didn't reply to her text message. Bahala sila mag-aksaya ng load.


I did a Google search about One Tagaytay Place Scam and I discovered that they been doing this for a very long time now. Some says that this is valid but the problem is that these people are exaggerating their claims just to make their prospective client say "yes". That's the problem and that makes it a scam. 

Don't be a victim of scams. Read about other scams that I encounter:


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  1. I get a lot of that, from "banks" usually, via sms and calls and also through emails. Really terrible!!! Have to be very very careful.

  2. What was the scam? Did you pay for anything?

    1. Andrea did not sell anything but I read a lot of bad things about their scheme.

  3. My Husband and I are also a victim of that scam. Since we have a free time and the place is so near..We attended the 90-minute presentation blah--blah--blah. BUT.. it took 2 and 1/2 hour of presentation with no sense at all.. I don't know how we come that far.. but honestly.. the free overnight they are saying is one-big scam. It seems they don't want you to stay at the hotel. The certificate of Over-night stay states : "the reservation fee is Php1,000" come it's FREE. It also states "the overnight stay can be use on Mon-Thurs only.. except Holiday".. Lokohan talaga.

    1. Sad to know that you were a victim of these scammers. :-(

  4. kagabi lang po muntik n kami buti nalang wala kami dalang pera, nakapirma po kami meron po kayang legal action doon.

    1. Posibleng may gamitin laban sa inyo since may pinirmahan kayo. Naalala nýo po ba kung ano yung nakasulat duon sa dokumentong pinirmahan ninyo?

  5. same din sa amin sir kagabi lng din buti no money involved yun lang pagod sa byahe at oras na nasayang at nagastos nmn i remember sa smx travel fair nakuha un mobile no. Ko nagkalat pala mga agents nila naghahanap ng mabiktima ng scam nila at bakit tinotolerate ng isang establishment un ganito scam thanks

    1. Dapat talaga hindi pinapayagan ng admin ng mga Travel Fairs yung mga ganito eh. Unfortunately, mahihirapan din yung admin na malaman kung sino yung legit or not. Kaya ang siste ko ay hindi na ako sumasali sa pa-raffle kuno sa conventions na pinupuntahan ko. Hindi naman ako nananalo eh.


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