Laag-Laag sa Cebu (Part 7): The Worst Cebu Hotel

I am not choosy when it comes to accommodations. I can sleep anywhere. I slept in luxury hotels. I slept in good hotels. I slept in a friend’s house. Heck, I even slept in a mosquito-infested-bahay-kubo somewhere in Davao Oriental!

Of the many accommodations that I slept in, I can only count two that I consider worst hotel. One is the old hotel (with a very noisy and old aircon) in Tabaco City, Albay. The other is Pacific Tourist Inn in Cebu City.

Cebu Hotel - Pacific Tourist Inn

I went to Cebu for on official business but our office is very stingy when it comes to allowances for field works. I was given less than a thousand pesos a day allowance that includes accommodation, food (breakfast-lunch-dinner), and incidental expenses.

My personal stand is that I must not shell out my own money when it comes to work-related-activities. Thus, I searched for a cheap accommodation that will fit my meager allowance.

The truth is that it is hard to find a cheap hotel in Metropolitan Cebu. Thankfully, I found Pacific Tourist Inn.

The darkly lit hallway of Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

The place is cheap so I didn’t mind the dark hallway.

Bedbug infested bed in Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

I also didn’t mind if my room is small.

Toilet in Pacific Tourist Inn - Cebu Hotel

I also didn’t mind if the toilet is not super-clean.

The truth is that I slept in a room that is worse than this room in Pacific Tourist Inn.

What made the place worse is that I felt itchy few minutes after a lied on the bed. I believe that there are bed bugs and they feasted on me that night.

Pacific Tourist Inn is indeed budget friendly but I will not sleep in this hotel again because of the pesky bed bugs.