Great Burgers are Wham! Burger

A friend of mine dragged me and my friends around SM North to a restaurant that she claims to have the most delicious burgers that she had ever tasted. These burgers are the Wham! Burgers. As a cheapskate, I am quite hesitant to spend my cash because Wham! Burgers are more expensive than the regular burgers that I buy from McDonalds and Burger King, but in the end my friend convinced me to taste her favorite burgers.

We ordered two Bronco Burgers, which cost 150 pesos apiece but not inclusive of the drinks.
Wham! Burger.

My hesitation became nil the moment I tasted Wham! Burger. It is indeed the best burger that I ever tasted and I am not surprised why my friend made it as her favorite burger.

Wham! Burger is no ordinary burger. The beef patty is thicker than the burgers offered by Jollibee and McDonalds. I could also taste the spices and other ingredients in my burger that greatly add up to the nice flavor of the burger.

According to Wham! Burger Facebook fan page, they only put fresh 1/3 pound beef in every burger and each patty was not frozen so it is always juicy and fresh. This is the main reason why Wham! Burger is delicious.

Wham! Burger is great. I’ll visit them again because I know that what I pay for their burgers is worth it.

“The hell with Burger Yum, ang gusto ko ay Burger Wham!


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Photo of Wham! Burger came from the Facebook fan page of Wham! Burger.


  1. Cool post! I love Wham! Burgers too. True, it's a bit expensive, but I think it's worth every penny. :)

  2. wow, naalala ko tuloy yung nagtrabaho ako sa Mcdo, lagi naming meal ay burger haha ..
    by the way ish, im done posting your award here

  3. I'll diffinitely want to taste this burger....especially if i am rich if this really tastes good!ummmmmm i'll buy a lot!!!I am such a food addict and i love food tripping!swear!

  4. @Mariel:

    I agree with you. Their burgers are great and it should be because it is expensive. If it is not delicious then I will demand to get my money back. :-)


    Nagtrabaho ka pala sa Mcdo. E di sawa ka pala sa burger dun. Uy. Thanks talaga sa award mo ha.


    Parehas tayo na mahilig mag foodtrip. Ako I make it to a point na kumain sa isang restaurant na hindi ko pa nakakainan ever.

    Subukan mo ito tikman one time. Masarap talaga.

  5. Tama nga naman un..kung mahal nga naman ung burger dapat karapat dapat ung least di m0 pinagsisihan ang pagsama sa friend m0 dahil kung hindi di m0 matitikman yan.
    P.S. spell steve M-A-T-A-K-A-W..hehe XD

  6. @Nicxter:

    Hala ka. Inaaway mo si Steve.


    Matakaw ka daw oh. :-P

  7. owww..this makes me feel hungry:) thanks for dropping by:) good day!

  8. Wow Wow! Shouldn't read this at 3am in d morning... Im hungry and I cant find any burgers this time :P btw, nice blog u hv here.

  9. ^_^ Yeah, you shouldn't have but then again I am glad that you did.

    Well, I hope that you are not hungry anymore and ate some burger (or any other food).

    Thanks for the compliment by the way.

  10. The burger looks delicious! So Wham! Burgers only available in Philippines?

  11. Oh yes, Wham! Burger is a Philippine restaurant and they do not have a branch in other countries yet.

    If you ever visit the Philippines then I think you can get a chance to eat this yummy burger.

  12. wham burgers just reached baguio!!! worth every centavo i spend..

  13. Wow! That's good for you. ^_^

    Finally, a great burger reached your place.



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