Jobless Season

I once asked my newly hired co-employee about his past job hunt. He told me that he was a bum for three months before landing a job in our agency. For the whole three months, the theme song of his life is the OPM song “Blue Jeans.”

He is lucky, he said, to be hired by our agency in a position that offers a salary that is higher than those offered for a newly-grad by private companies. I too was lucky, much luckier than my co-employee this is because I did not experience his predicament that much. I had been working since the day after the last day of my college life. And my two previous jobs were rewarding career wise and financially.

I just wish that our luck shine to my dear-special-someone who had been job hunting for a month now. Looking for a good paying job nowadays is hard. She feels it, and I feel it. The frustration and the depression that accompanies the time waiting for a company to call, or for the HR to say after every interview that they accept you as their employee.

It is sad and I couldn’t do anything but support her, help her in any way I could.

Now she is thinking of going abroad and applies for an overseas job that offers a salary that will be enough to realize her dream of giving her parents a good life in their old age. I want her to stay, but then again, I couldn’t do anything but support her and her dreams.

I wish that next week, she get the job that she needs. But we are in the Philippines – the land of frustration.

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