Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin

In the beginning, the witches serve as God’s servants and emissary to the world. Ordinary humans, jealous and scared of their power destroyed them ---- thus initiating the many and widespread witch hunts in the world’s history. Central of these witch-hunts is Solomon, an organization within the Church that seeks to stamp out witchery and witches. That is the “idea” being perpetrated by the anime “Witch Hunter Robin,” which will make the new age believers and fans of books like the “Da Vinci Code” happy.

The anime revolves around Robin, a fifteen-year old professional witch hunter. Though she is a witch hunter, she is a Craft user herself and had a power of fire. Witch hunters endowed with the craft was not peculiar to Robin since most witch hunters in this anime were also witches being used by Solomon. She was sent by Solomon to Japan to aid its Japanese branch (STNJ) in its witch hunting activities. Apparently, that is only a front since her real mission is to investigate about the Ultimate Craft or the so-called “Piece of Knowledge.” In the middle of the story, she met Methuselah, the immortal witch that survived the Salem witch trial. The old witch wakened up Robin’s power before Robin consumed her with fire.

The witches in this anime are different from the witches in the Harry Potter series and other TV shows that say incantations and brew potions to make their power work. They are much more like the characters in the TV series “Heroes,” which could use their powers at will. The main difference with Heroes is the concept of Craft is still central in the story.

After discovering her power, her trainer and grandfather, the priest Julianno sent well-renowned witch hunters to kill her. Her witch-hunt culminated into a revelation from the priest that she was a product of an experiment of creating an ultimate witch.

This anime ended in a showdown between Robin and the director of the STNJ. The director seeks the total annihilation of witches, including those who are craft using witch hunters. Solomon disapproved of such thing and removed the director from his post.

Witch Hunter Robin is a good anime. The story is somewhat realistic as if it is happening enigmatically in our neighborhood. This anime played upon the world’s fascination with the Catholic Church and used it in creating a secret organization of witch hunters. A well researched anime though with misleading ideas. Anyone who want to watch this anime should be cautious and do not take the story seriously.

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  1. i remember watching this anime when I was in highschool... but found looking at the girl protagonist's hair uneasy... Her hair kinda like Judy Abbott.. :)

  2. Neneh

    You are right. Her hair looks like those of Judy.


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