Be Fit and Green with the Folding Bike from Taiwan

Traveling in Metro Manila is getting more difficult as Christmas gets near. The crowd at the malls is getting bigger because of the rush to buy gifts. The traffic jam is getting messier and being trapped inside the heavy traffic for a very long time is a daily experience. Even the LRT and MRT are not reliable because of the malfunctions and the long lines.

It seems that the traffic situation is Metro Manila will never improve. Some people say that there’s no solution. That it's hopeless. But they’re wrong because there’s a solution and that is what I call bike revolution.

Riding a bike from one place to another is the most efficient and environment friendly mode of transportation. Bicycles don’t take up much space. Bicycles don’t emit smoke. It doesn’t require fossil fuel to run. It can even pass through the narrowest alleys in the Metro. And the additional benefit is it keep people healthy and fit.

Top brands from Taiwan know the benefit that we Pinoys can get in bike transportation. That’s why they bring to the Philippines their folding bikes.
SlidyBike from Taiwan

Taiwan brands STRIDA, Tern, and Pacific offers high quality folding bike. The good thing with their folding bikes is that they’re easy to carry around. This is important for people who need to ride public transportation. They used light materials so that those who don’t have enough muscle power (like me) can carry the bikes. These folding bikes are lightweight but it doesn't mean that there strength are compromises. STRIDA, Tern, and Pacific used strong materials so that their bikes can withstand the stress from daily use.

All the bikes from STRIDA, Tern, and Pacific carry the Taiwan Excellence quality seal. This means that these three top brands passed the strict standards required by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). This is the best guarantee to the quality of the folding bikes from STRIDA, Tern, and Pacific.

TAITRA is committed in ensuring that consumers around the world, including us Pinoys, will get high quality products from Taiwan. Thus I can say that the Taiwan Excellence seal is the best guarantee that consumers like us can rely on.

TAITRA teamed up with Iya Villania-Arellano to promote the top Taiwanese brands and tell the people the benefits of the Taiwan Excellence campaign. 

There’s no reason for us to give up on the traffic situation in Metro Manila. A solution is available to us and Taiwan Excellence campaign is here to help us by giving us high quality folding bikes. So if you’re searching for a folding bike, I suggest that you look for the Taiwan Excellence quality for your great benefit.

Go to the Taiwan Excellence website or the Taiwan Excellence Facebook page to know more of the high quality brands that Taiwan has to offer. You can see not only folding bikes but also gadgets, appliances and many more.


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